Petrol Prices Remain Stable, A Healthy Sign For Economy

The federal government has decided to keep the petrol prices remain stable, which is a healthy sign for the economy of Pakistan.  The petrol prices will remain unchanged to collect more revenues from oil consumers during the economic crisis.

The two fundamental goods that generate the majority of the revenue are petrol and diesel. Moreover, the petroleum charges on petrol and other petroleum goods were previously raised to improve revenue receipts. But the tax impose by the center is kept to a minimum.

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Petrol which uses in motorbikes and cars can be a substitute for CNG. Due to the shortage of gas in Pakistan, most significantly in Punjab, the demand for petrol has widely increased.

This time, the government of Pakistan had very little or no margin to give comfort to the people in the form of petrol price stability due to the pricing of crude oil in the international market.

Petrol Prices Remain Stable which is a step towards the improvement in the economy of the Country.

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