PCB and CDA agree to construct a cricket stadium at Margalla foothills

ISLAMABAD: PCB and CDA agree to construct a cricket stadium at Margalla foothills.

On Monday, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) and a representative of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) reached an agreement in principle on the construction of a cricket stadium in Islamabad.

According to sources within the CDA, Shakil Shaikh, a member of the PCB management committee, visited the CDA’s headquarters and met with Chairman Noorul Amin Mengal. According to the reports, there was general agreement between the two parties to build a cricket stadium close to D-12 in the Margalls foothills.

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The CDA head informed the PCB official that 25 acres reserve by the civic agency for the cricket stadium’s construction. It was decided that MoU will be developed and signed by both sides as soon as possible.

According to a CDA representative, PCB will build the stadium and CDA will offer the land. So both parties will split the revenue. Though the terms and circumstances of the MoU will decide. According to officials, CDA considering claiming a 30% income share while the PCB will receive a 70% revenue share.

The CDA Chairman said: “It was a preliminary discussion with a PCB representative on the proposed cricket stadium. An MoU will sign after we have our next meeting with the PCB.

The CDA chief replied to a question by stating that the land was free of encumbrances. It is also located in a desirable area in the Margallas foothills. He claims that once built, the stadium will enhance Islamabad’s beauty.

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