Naval Farms Islamabad

Naval Farms Islamabad is a luxurious housing project located near Bara Kahu at Simly Dam Road.  It is a joint venture of the Pakistan Navy in collaboration with NHS Hometown Builders.

The project consists of a range of farm home plots with cutting-edge infrastructure and contemporary amenities in Islamabad’s most picturesque area. Moreover, the plot sizes range from 5 kanals to 20 kanals. The developers provide a comfortable and affordable living environment to their residents.

Developers of Naval Farms Islamabad

The society is developed by NH Builders which is a well-known development company in Pakistan. Moreover, the company offers modern infrastructure, construction, and development services since 2014. In addition, the developers work together with governmental organizations, local contractors, and suppliers to establish several real estate projects, PN Naval Farms being one of them.

About Pakistan Naval Farms

It’s an amazing farm housing project developed by Pakistan Navy. Moreover, the project spans over 10,000 Kanals of land along with Simly Dam Road. The society is relatively develops with some extension areas of phase 2 currently under construction.

Many luxurious farmhouses are constructing in society, and as demand for farmhouse property in Islamabad rises, prices are also rising dramatically.

Pakistan Navy is the land supplier in the joint venture PN Farms, while NHS Builders is the developer. A natural lifestyle and high-end amenities are the ideal complements to one another. Moreover, the Pakistan Navy is in charge of its development, so investing in this project is safe and secure.

Naval Farms Islamabad NOC

The NOC of Naval Farms Islamabad is approved by Capital Development Authority (CDA). The allocated area is 2343 Kanals of land. Moreover, phase 1, or A Block of Naval Farms, which consists of a small area of 10 to 20 Kanals and farm homes, occupies 26 Kanals. The B, C, D, and E blocks in Phase 2 and Extension are where smaller farmhouse plots are intended. Therefore, on 13th March 1993, CDA announced the NOC of Society.

Naval Farms Islamabad Map & Location

In Islamabad Zone 4, a Pakistan naval farm is located at Mouza Pind Bhegwal Mera Bhegwal and Athal. It is close to Bahria Enclave and Park View City in Islamabad. Malot Road, which connects Kurri Road to Pakistan Naval Farms via Park Road and Simly Dam Road, provides simple access. Moreover, in the future, Pakistan Naval Farms will have a connection to the Murree Expressway in Islamabad.

Location Map
Location Map

Nearby Landmarks

  • Rawal Chowk
  • Serena Hotel
  • Bhara Kahu Bazar
  • Park View City Islamabad
  • Bahria Enclave Islamabad
  • Islamabad Model Town

Distance to Nearby Landmarks

Following are the easy-access routes to Naval Farms Islamabad:

  • 15km away from Rawal Chowk
  • 25 minutes away from Serena Hotel Islamabad
  • Moreover, nearly 25 minutes via Malot through Kurri Road
  • 35 minutes away from the Bara Kahu route
  • 30 minutes away from Zero Point and Faizabad

Naval Farms Islamabad Master Plan

The society comprises of two phases. Moreover, the oldest part of Naval Farms, where the elite Pakistanis have constructed their farmhouses, is Phase 1’s A block, which consists of 20 kanals and larger farms.

Additionally, starting with B block and continuing through C block, Phase 2 consists of 5 to 12 Kanal farmhouse plots. The extension area, which is made up of Blocks D and E, currently has 5 Kanal farmhouse files available.

Master Plan
Master Plan

Naval Farms Payment Plan

The location of Pakistan Naval Farms was properly examined during development. 10,000 Kanal were specifically chosen by Pakistan Navy for this project. Moreover, in the PN Farming Scheme, there are primarily five blocks: Blocks A, B, C, D, and E. D and E blocks are not yet developed, but A to C blocks are finished and have possessions available. The management also offers houses for sale in Naval Farms Islamabad.

Payment Plan
Payment Plan

Farm Houses Prices

The prices of Naval Farmhouses are as follows

In Naval Farms Block A, B, and C, there are a variety of plot sizes available, including 5 Kanals, 8 Kanals, 10 Kanals, 12 Kanals, 20 Kanals, and even larger farmhouse plots.

  • The price of 20 Kanal Farm House Plots ranges from 15 Crore to 20 Crore in Block A
  • The price of 8 Kanal Farm House Plots ranges from 7.50 Crore up to 9.00 Crore in Block B
  • The price of 5 Kanal Farm House Plots ranges from 4.50 Crore up to 5.50 Crore in Block B
  • The price of 5 Kanal Farm House Plots ranges from 4.50 Crore to 5 Crore in Block

On the other hand, for Blocks D and E, only files are available.

  • The 5 Kanal plot price in block D starts from 3.25 Crore up to 4.75 Crore
  • In block E, 5 Kanal plot price ranges from 1.85 Crore up to 1.90 Crore

There isn’t currently a formal farmhouse installment strategy in place by the administration of Pakistan Naval Farm Houses. There is a chance, though. Currently, buyers are required to make a full upfront payment to purchase the farm home property or built farmhouses.

Exclusive Amenities and Features

The most modern amenities and conveniences are available in Pakistan Naval Farm Houses. Moreover, the society will offer first-rate amenities to its inhabitants because, like DHA, it is run and operated by the Pakistan Navy. Furthermore, it expects that Naval Farm Houses Islamabad will exceed expectations in terms of modernization and convenience. According to the organizers, Naval Farm Houses would offer all fundamental and contemporary conveniences needed for modern living.

Naval Farms Islamabad Salient Features

  • The main boulevard is 80 feet wide, while the streets and service roads are 40 feet wide, ensuring a smooth flow of traffic.
  • Moreover, an extensive network of subterranean pipelines that serve as a sewerage system.
  • Naval Farm Houses Islamabad supplies reliable security services around-the-clock to its residents.
  • The society ensures the supply of fresh water.
  • Naval Farms Islamabad has several markets that are all-inclusive for regular shopping.
  • In addition, there are no high-tension lines in the residential area for electricity supply.
  • All major service providers, including PTCL and Nayatel, offer internet access in the society.
  • Furthermore, there are gas pipelines installing all around the Farm houses area.
  • The society has many streams nearby that merge into the main river.
  • Besides that the soil is similarly rich and fertile to the rest of the Potohar region, making it suited for agriculture.
  • The developers offer many hospitals as well as healthcare facilities nearby navy farmhouses.
  • The project incorporates many universities and schools close to the locality, with Pakistan Navy School being the closest, located at Simly Dam Road, just opposite Naval Farms.

Entertainment Facilities

  • Naval Farms Islamabad has a beautiful, green hiking track for adventure lovers.
  • There are also enough parks and open spaces for outdoor entertainment.
  • Navy Club House for individual events, numerous families, and kids. Moreover, it has two wedding venues, a pool, guest rooms, a game area, and indoor sports.

With all the major and small facilities needed for a peaceful and well-maintained lifestyle, these amenities make Naval Farms Islamabad an all-inclusive society to live in.


Pakistan Naval Farms Islamabad offers a contemporary way of life, first-rate comfort, and luxurious amenities. It is surrounding by peaceful vegetation and stunning scenery. Additionally, Pakistan Naval Farms inhabitants will take in breathtaking views of the lush and verdant surroundings.

Residents would have access to all the amenities, including malls, eateries, markets, mosques, and other buildings. Moreover, all of the city’s major commercial districts will be accessible to those who live in Naval Farms Islamabad.

Countryside Farms is another remarkable opportunity for investment.

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