Mall of Arabia


Mall of Arabia is a shopping mall that represents a perfect blend of Arabic themes and modern facilities of the 21st century. It is an upcoming project in Islamabad. The mall aims to become a business hub of the city. The shopping mall targets to give tough competition to all the big shopping malls in Islamabad.
The main theme of the project revolves around bringing an Arabic touch to the shopping mall in Islamabad. In addition, it also aims to bring solidarity and strengthen social relations between Pakistanis and Arabs. Hence, the mall would be an embodiment of Arab culture, architecture, & historical setup.

Mall of Arabia Map

Following is the Mall of Arabia Map:

mall of arabia map
mall of arabia map

Mall of Arabia Location:

The project is situated at an ideal location and is accessible from the different parts of the twin cities. It is located on the main Islamabad Highway right at the entrance of Capital Enclave. It is easily accessible from DHA Islamabad & Bahria Town Rawalpindi. Moreover, visitors from PWD, Koral Chowk, and T-Chowk can also easily access the mall.

Owners and Developers

The well-known Imarat group of companies owns this commercial project of Mall of Arabia. It is an international UK-based company, operating in Pakistan with an experience of more than 15 years. The company has a top-notch portfolio of commercial and residential projects. They are running 3 malls, 2 hotels, and 1 luxury apartment project in twin cities. Also, they have earned a good reputation for the successful completion of projects like Aquatic Mall. In addition, they just launched another shopping mall on the theme of the Amazon rainforest, called Amazon Mall. Moreover, the owners also take pride in launching some good quality Hotels in Defence Housing Authority Islamabad and G-11 sector in Islamabad. All the projects are catching the attention of the people.
The developers aim to sustain the values of honesty and trust by delivering successful projects to their clients. They have built a good organization and are well-known in both countries. The name of the brand is standing out among the global real estate market as they impart modern practices to the business which accommodate the evolving requirements of the clients.

NOC Status

The project has successfully cleared the legal procedure and got its NOC from Capital Development Authority (CDA). Furthermore, the development authority has also approved the layout plan and design of the project and the development work is successfully going on.

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The master plan of the project will offer an ideal experience to the customers. The project is offering the international standard experience of shopping on multiple floors accommodating all the famous outlets. It aims to become a perfect recreational area for the people residing in neighbouring housing societies like Bahria Town, Defence Housing Authority, Soan Garden Naval Anchorage, Jinnah Gardens, and PWD. It is going to be an important commercial centre of the city occupying 10 Kanal area and 8 floors. In addition, there would be a special retail unit having all the local and international brands. With a dedicated entertainment facilities, it is going to be the best place in its locality to visit on weekends.

Payment Plan

The project consists of multiple commercial and entertainment sections on each floor, which would possibly span up to the 7th floor of the mall. For this purpose, the developers are offering pre-launch bookings of shops on the first, second, ground, and mezzanine floors. The bookings will be available on a first comes first get basis, and the management is also offering an instalment plan which will extend up to 3 years. The mall of Arabia prices are very affordable overall.

Payment Plan of Mall of Arabia extensively discussed below:

Lower Ground Rs. 27,500 220
Ground Rs. 66,000 400 7.27
1st Floor Rs. 52,000 315 7.27
2nd Floor Rs. 44,000 265 7.23
3rd Floor Rs. 40,000 250 7.79
Offices Rs. 19,000 150 8.33
Food Court Rs. 21,000 150 8.1
Suites Rs. 14,000 110 9.43


  • There will be a special boundary wall surrounding the mall which ensures safety.
  • There will be the provision of broadband internet on all floors of the mall.
  • There will be 24/7 provision of electricity with power backup.
  • There will be a well-equipped mosque.
  • There will be health facilities nearby.
  • In addition, there will be the provision of public transport.
  • It will also have easy access to the main GT road.
  • There will be a trained security staff.
  • Moreover, there will be a sewerage system.
  • Also, there will be Sui Gas access in the mall.
  • TV Cable will also be provided.
  • There is continuous availability of water resources in the mall.

Distinguished Features of Mall of Arabia

This project is a unique concept in Pakistan that will certainly provide an unforgettable shopping experience to the customers. Following are some of the distinguishing features of the mall which is making it an exceptional project in Islamabad:

Architectural Innovation

This project will truly be an architectural masterpiece as it would provide the sight of the rich culture of Arab and an amazing infrastructure to the visitors. The developers are dedicated to delivering innovation in their projects. Moreover, a world-class shopping experience would be available for people with an astonishing interior.

Best Investment Option

The mall of Arabia represents the best choice for commercial investment. The Mall ensures worthy opportunities for investors looking for capital generation. In addition, it is also a good option for investors who are searching for a source of passive income. Furthermore, the prices are constantly increasing which promises a high return on investment.

Thematic Floors

The thematic shopping malls are very popular among the youth, which is why the mall is planned to have theme floors representing the Arab Culture. The project planners have very smartly designed the floors with the layout from the Moroccan, Egyptian, and Tunisian cultures. It gives the experience as if you are visiting these parts of the Arab World. In short, the whole project is based on an interesting concept and a different experience for the visitors.

Why invest in Mall of Arabia

Mall of Arabia stretches over an area of more than ten Kanal at an ideal location around the Islamabad Highway. The amazing scenery of greenery surrounding the Islamabad Highway is truly a good spot for parking visitors. The mall is not only designed on the distinguished theme of Arabic culture and history but also contains the international standard of sustainable construction.
The developers are offering multiple-sized residential apartments and offices. In addition, their many shops for sale in the mall at a reasonable price. Experts predict that it is the right time for investment in the project, as the rates of the property are quite low. Mall of Arabia’s completion date is also going to be announced soon.
In short, mall of Arabia reviews are very positive and the mall is offering a fulfilling experience with an insight into the rich culture, heritage, state-of-the-art architecture, international standard shopping experience as well as multiple entertainment options under a single roof.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Mall of Arabia?

The Mall of Arabia Imarat is a commercial project in Islamabad that will be accommodating an Arabic theme.

Where the Mall of Arabia is located?

The mall is located at a prime location at Islamabad Expressway, right adjacent to Karal Chowk.

Is this project approved?

Yes, the project is approved by the Capital Development Authority and even received its No Objection Certificate.

Who are the owners of this project?

A UK-based real estate company, Imarat Group of Companies owns the project.

What kind of properties are available?

The project is offering commercial properties of multiple types including such as shops, offices, and cafes.

What are the expected rates of return?

Experts predict that the project is expected to deliver returns of approximately 10% in a period of 6 months, and 20% in a year.


Mall of Arabia is the most innovative project and represents a very creative idea accomplished in Pakistan that would not only provide a different experience to the visitors but also the finest shopping experience. The best location of the project on the main residential and commercial route at the Islamabad Expressway is also appealing to the shoppers. It has a great potential to be the top choice of visitors and attract real estate investors.
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