LDA Investigates Internal Land Records to Combat Fraud

LAHORE: LDA Investigates Internal Land Records to Combat Fraud

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has started internal scrutiny of its land records to prevent fraud involving double exemption and compensation. In addition, numerous complaints over the double exemption/compensation were pending at the LDA, according to the sources. Special consideration will pay to Johar Town by carefully examining the exchange plots.

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When the ACE caught several others and one of its officers for assigning 27 plots on a bogus file LDA recently faced embarrassment. The Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) wrote a letter to the Chief Town Planner (CTP) about the incident. Also, the letter was written to submit the list of plots that were exchanged between the years 2018 and 2023.

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The director general of the LDA makes a team to look at the files that are not on the 2017 inventory list. Additionally, the committee makes certain recommendations for which files should list in the inventory list based on their rated validity. Members of the committee include LDAs:

  • Director IT, Basit Qamar
  • Director of Record Management, Ms. Humaira Sharif
  • Zahid Siddique Assistant Director of Accounts
  • Jehangir Iqbal Mayo Deputy Director of Housing-IV
  • Shahid Naeem Deputy Director of Housing-VII
  • Also, Uzair Bin Tariq Assistant Director of Land Acquisition

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