LDA instructed to transform Lahore’s living environment

According to recent reports, Chaudhry Muhammad Ali Randhawa, director general of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA), and Mr. Saif Anjum, commissioner of Lahore, presided over a meeting of the newly created committee. Further, the purpose of the gathering was to improve Lahore’s living conditions. The news ‘LDA instructed to transform Lahore’s living environment, is admirable.

Clearing the Way: Committee urges action against encroachments on Highways and Green Belts

During the meeting, the committee stressed the importance of clearing encroachments from parking areas and green belts along model highways. Moreover, the committee directed concerned departments, including the Pakistan Housing Authority (PHA), Traffic Police (ITP), LDA, and other relevant authorities, to take necessary steps to achieve the discussed objective.

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Collaboration and Efficiency: Authorities Instructed to deliver timely report

The authorities give instructions to work together, and they have a week to submit a complete report. Furthermore, the participating authorities are ordered to act with the utmost efficiency to ensure the plan is executed in a timely manner.

Preserving Lahore’s Greenery: A Call to Action for Sustainable Development

Lahore has experienced a significant loss of trees and green cover in recent years due to aggressive development plans. The development plans includes the construction of overpasses, highways, transport sectors, industries, and underpasses. Moreover, it is now important that we put a stop to these processes. We should now shift our focus toward improving the quality of life in Lahore.

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