LDA Directed Use of CCTV Cameras for Monitoring Development Projects

Lahore: LDA Directed Use of CCTV Cameras for Monitoring Development Projects.

The most recent news reports state that Mr. Muhammad Ali Randhawa, the city’s commissioner and director general of the LDA, has ordered the use of closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras to keep an eye on the efficiency. Also on the caliber of ongoing construction work on recent projects throughout the city.

The depreciation of the improper use of funds in public projects may also be benefited from CCTV surveillance. The LDA will use community input and engagement in addition to the technology stated above to track the initiatives.

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This past Friday, the commissioner visited the Samanabad-Gulshan Ravi Underpass. Also, the Lahore Bridge, and the CBD Underpass construction site (March 10). Additionally, he decided to personally oversee the IT-based technology used to monitor these projects.

He appears to have given a go for concerned teams to ask consultants to rapidly install cameras at project locations. So that surveillance could be efficient. According to the news source, the commissioner gave the officers instructions to handle traffic problems on the multi-level Flyover in Shahdara before construction got underway.

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It is crucial to mention that LDA has previously started several city development projects. Nonetheless, these projects are experiencing significant delays for a variety of reasons. The LDA has lately received a request from the government. It is to follow tougher quality assurance processes and procedures for all projects.

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