Land Grabbing in Pakistan- Laws & Prevention Against Qabza Mafia


Land grabbing in Pakistan belongs to activities that go beyond typical criminal acts, similar to violence, focusing on the illegal acquisition of private and public land by criminal gangs. Almost every day, newspapers in Pakistan carry reports of alleged land grabbing or violent crimes related to land disputes.

This blog provides a comprehensive understanding of the legal laws, amendments, and prevention against land grabbing. It also offers insights into ways to prevent your land from unlawful occupation.

Laws Against Land Grabbing in Pakistan

To take action against land grabbing and protect the rights of citizens, Pakistan has established various laws and regulations. However, the effectiveness of these laws often depends on their implementation, which has been a major challenge.

Hence, the Supreme Court has adopted a firm position against qabza groups or land grabbing acts. They have introduced legislation to combat land grabbing in Pakistan, handling various measures to address this issue.

The Land Acquisition Act, 1894

The Land Acquisition Act of 1894, provides the legal framework for the acquisition of land by the government for public purposes. This act outlines the procedures and compensation mechanisms to be followed when the government acquires land. However, it is important to note that this act primarily addresses land acquisition for public projects and may not be fully equipped to deal with cases of land grabbing.

The Land Revenue Act, 1967

The Land Revenue Act of 1967, is another significant legislation that deals with land-related matters. It provides guidelines for the administration of land revenue, land records, and land reforms. While this act plays a crucial role in land management, it may not be specifically to combat land grabbing.

Act for the Elimination of Illegal Possession Groups, 1993

The act for the elimination of illegal possession groups, 1993, Land grabbers in Pakistan operate openly. They also treat it as a profession, empowered by influence and evading consequences. The ineffective judicial system and costly legal processes contribute to their impunity. Victims often settle out of court, succumbing to the Qabza Mafia. The Pakistan Law Commission is developing a new law to punish land grabbers and aid victims. The Citizen’s Portal Pakistan, initiated by former PM Imran Khan, aims to address this crisis.

The Anti-Land Grabbing Act, 2014

In response to the escalating issue of land grabbing, the government of Punjab passed the Anti-Land Grabbing Act in 2014. This act aims to prevent land grabbing and outlines penalties for offenders. It establishes special tribunals to expedite cases related to land grabbing mafia in Pakistan, ensuring a quicker resolution of disputes. However, its effectiveness relies heavily on proper enforcement and the efficiency of the legal system.

Pakistan’s Citizen Portal Addressing Land Grabbing

The Pakistan Citizen Portal (PCP) has a special section to handle complaints about unlawful property possession by the Qabza mafia.  Land grabbing in Karachi by the Land Mafia is a concerning issue. The portal was redesigned for ease of use, categorizing functions into Complaints, Guidance, and Suggestions. It’s been effective in launching investigations and resolving cases, aiding numerous landowners. The Prime Minister conducted live sessions to oversee its performance.

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How to Prevent Your Land from Land Grabbing in Pakistan?

Land and property grabbing by influential mafia groups is a prevalent issue in Pakistan, particularly in major cities like Karachi. It’s important to consider the safety of our properties all over Pakistan, as the reach and influence of these land mafias are extensive and powerful.

Here are some crucial tips for landowners to protect their properties from land grabbers.

Neglecting the management of your property after purchase can attract land grabbers who may seize it as their own. Whether it’s a plot, house, or commercial property not under active management, these criminals can take unlawful possession.

Verification of Documents

Obtain comprehensive information about the real estate property you plan to purchase. Thoroughly analyzing the investment can help you avoid potential issues.

Following the acquisition of necessary documents, the subsequent step involves informing the relevant regulatory authorities such as LDA, CDA, RDA, etc. Furthermore, this proactive step in association with the respective administration will help safeguard and keep you informed about your property, protecting it from land grabbers.

Building Boundary Walls

Build a boundary wall around your property to clearly indicate that ownership is transparent and inaccessible to anyone without permission. If a full wall is costly, consider constructing a partial wall and attach a signboard with your name and contact information to assert public awareness regarding plot security.

Frequent Visits

Once you acquire the property, it’s crucial to visit regularly, at least weekly or for short stays. This will help you stay informed about the surroundings and any illegal activities related to your plot or land. However, maintain communication with property agents to stay updated about potential mafias operating in your vicinity.

Securing Documents in a Safe

Documents can have a significant impact if misused. Therefore, it’s essential to handle your documents with care and securely store them in a bank safe. Creating duplicate copies of crucial documents through photocopying is a prudent step. Additionally, aim to have extra copies to reduce the need for frequent use of the original documents.

Implementing Security Measures

Whether it’s an unoccupied residence or vacant land lacking security, it becomes vulnerable to potential land grabbers. To prevent such circumstances, consider hiring security personnel for your property, especially if you’re residing overseas or away. A security guard can effectively safeguard and keep you informed about the status of your property.

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Land grabbing is a prevalent issue in Pakistan, particularly affecting vulnerable and less educated individuals due to the activities of criminal groups. However, the government has responded with strict measures, passing legislation and establishing a dedicated portal for reporting land grabbing complaints. Concurrently, it is essential for us to proactively safeguard our land from grabbing by the qabza mafia through precautionary actions.

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