ISB to get 244-km long dedicated bicycle lanes to reduce carbon footprint

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) announced plans on Monday to launch the ‘Cycling as an Alternative Transportation‘ project, aimed at promoting sustainable and eco-friendly travel lanes within Islamabad (ISB), as reported on December 12.

According to the news report, the CDA intends to construct an extensive network of bike lanes spanning 146 kilometers for two-way paths and 98 kilometers for one-way lanes across the city.

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This initiative has two primary objectives: reducing the city’s carbon footprint and easing traffic congestion. The plan includes the introduction of paddle and e-bike options, ensuring that the Islamabad (ISB) administration creates completely protected and interconnected lanes for cyclists.

In addition, during a meeting led by CDA Chairman Anwarul Haq, emphasis was placed on establishing a secure and extensive bicycle route network throughout the city. However, the network aims to encourage safe and convenient cycling as a practical commuting choice, fostering a more equitable transportation system.

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As part of this comprehensive plan, 72 strategically located bicycle parking stations will installed across the federal capital. This move aims to further support and encourage the adoption of cycling as a means of transportation. Furthermore, the initiative marks a significant stride towards creating a greener, healthier, and more accessible urban environment for Islamabad’s residents.

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