CDA initiates feasibility study for Shadra and Chinot Dams in ISB

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) Water Management Wing has kicked off a feasibility study for two new dams, Shadra and Chinot, in Islamabad, following reports in national newspapers on December 6.

This move comes in response to the limited capacity of existing water reservoirs, specifically Simly Dam and Khanpur Dam. These are unable to meet the escalating water needs of the city. Shadra Dam expected to substantially increase the capital’s water storage, with an estimated capacity of 6-8 million gallons per day (MGD).

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Similarly, Chinot Dam is anticipated to provide a significant water source, boasting a storage capacity of 16-18 MGD. These additions to the city’s water infrastructure aim to bolster water security and address the growing demand sustainably.

At present, the Water Management Wing is outlining the Terms of Reference (TORs) for the feasibility study—a crucial step in assessing the practicality and potential effects of these proposed projects. Once the TORs finalized, the authority will move forward to invite tenders for the feasibility study of these ambitious ventures.

Following the completion of the feasibility study, the subsequent phase will involve inviting tenders for implementing new hydroelectric projects. This aims to generate sustainable energy from these strategic water sources.

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Approval for the feasibility study will be pivotal and will come from the CDA Chairman, ensuring alignment with the city’s long-term development objectives and commitment to environmental sustainability.

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