Initiation of efforts to conserve the historic Shah Allah Ditta Caves in Islamabad

The minister was joined by Federal Secretary of the National Heritage and Culture Division Humaira Ahmed, Director General (DG) of the Department of Archaeology & Museums (DOAM) Dr Abdul Azeem, and various other senior officials during the event of caves in Islamabad.

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Minister Jamal Shah highlighted during the ceremony that the DOAM Islamabad had officially recognized the Shah Allah Ditta Caves site as a ‘Protected Antiquity’ under the Antiquities Act of 1975.

Efforts initiated by the National Heritage & Culture Division in the current fiscal year. It encompasses a comprehensive approach to conserve, preserve, restore, and develop the caves in Islamabad.

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The project’s scope entails archaeological excavation, meticulous site documentation, and geotechnical studies. It focuses on binding materials and the implementation of drainage systems. Furthermore, the project integrates both soft and hard landscaping measures.

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