How to Use Social Media to Find Properties for Sale

Finding a property is a gruesome business nowadays. There are so many monkeyshines in the market, that an inexperienced person can get his nerves wrecked. Under such circumstances, the question of how to use social media to find properties for sale is thorny. 

No doubt, social media has made things easier in every aspect, but still, it has its cons. This world has the potential to thrive on deception. Never mind, let’s just not get there and groove into the positivity of how to use social media to find properties for sale. 

So, yes! Let us walk you through the best strategies and practices for using social media to find property for sale.

How to Use Social Media to Find Properties for Sale?

Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have revolutionized the methods to search for real estate. Potential customers get access to real-time updates and a vast network. 

Unlike traditional real estate websites, social media have exclusive listings of property as per buyer’s requirements. Besides, one can find personalized visuals and tours of the requested property. Here is why you should use social media for property-related searches:

  • To get real-time updates
  • To get directly connected with property owners or local agents
  • To access social media exclusive advertised listings of properties 
  • To have a visual tour of the property from the comfort of your home

Moving forward, let’s have a sneak peek into the popular social media platforms individually to know their potential in real estate marketing:

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6 Best Social Media Tools to Find Properties For Sale

1. Facebook: A Comprehensive Resource

At number one stands, Facebook. Being one of the most versatile platforms, Facebook offers multiple ways to find properties. It has some seriously dedicated real estate groups and the Marketplace listings to explore the property. 

Facebook Groups

There are real estate groups which give buyers access to a trustworthy community of sellers, buyers, and agents. You can simply search for a group targeting your required type of property. Real estate agents find this platform a huge liability and are active there. You can directly address your concerns. 

Tips for Using Facebook Groups:

Here are some quick tips to make your search quick and effective:

  • Use keywords like “house/home for sale,” and “real estate,” and then add your location to find relevant groups.
  • Actively participate in community discussions by asking questions.
  • Stay updated by enabling notifications for new posts in these groups.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has a huge potential and is a valuable tool for finding property. Being free, the Facebook marketplace lets sellers list their properties and get exposed to a large audience.

Tips for Using Facebook Marketplace:

  • Use filters to narrow down listings by price, location, and property type.
  • Contact sellers directly via Messenger for more details.
  • Check the marketplace more often to learn about the new properties frequently.

2. Instagram: A Visual Exploration

Exploring properties visually is no longer an issue with Instagram. Sellers and Real estate use Instagram stories, videos and photos to showcase properties.

Using Instagram Effectively

Here is how you can effectively use Instagram to explore properties:

  • Follow Real Estate Accounts

You can get market insights and property listings by following the real estate agencies, agents, and relevant hashtags.

  • Engage with Content

The best practice to engage with real estate agents and sellers is to Like, comment, and share posts to their content. By clicking these buttons you can connect and get noticed by the market sharks. 

  • Use IGTV & Instagram Stories 

Look for IGTV and stories to get a sneak peek into relevant properties. The agents nowadays are smarter and prove their credibility by walking through properties and posting live videos to target potential buyers. 

3. Twitter: Real-Time Updates

Twitter can be a blind spot if you are looking for real-time updates. Moreover, it is ideal for following the latest listings and market trends. Real estate agents and firms frequently tweet about new properties and market news.

Strategies for Using Twitter

Here is a mini guide on using Twitter to reach your targetted property or real estate agency.

  • Follow Real Estate Professionals

You can get instant property updates, market trends, and the latest listings by following agents, brokers, and real estate companies’ accounts. 

  • Use Twitter List

Get organised by creating Twitter lists you follow. For example, you can have lists of local agents, national real estate firms, and market analysts.

  • Engage and Retweet

Mark yourself as a potential buyer by liking, commenting, and retweeting tweets by agents and agencies. Interacting directly will aid in making better connections with the real estate community.

  • Hashtags and Keywords

Again, use hashtags and keywords for better reach.

4. LinkedIn: Professional Networking

LinkedIn has evolved tremendously as a job hunt market; but also an effective tool to find properties through professional networks. Here is how you can use LinkedIn as a tool to find properties;

Building Your Network

  • Connect with industry experts,  real estate agents, and brokers. You can get valuable insights by engaging with their posts.
  • Further, you can be a part of groups focused on real estate to get listings, market trends, and professional advice.

Leveraging LinkedIn Features

  • LinkedIn Articles

Awaken your inside writer by sharing and writing articles about your journey of property hunt. You will get attention from agents and sellers who would have suitable properties.

  • Direct Messaging

LinkedIn’s messaging is the best feature to approach agents and professionals directly.

5. YouTube: In-Depth Property Tours

In-depth property tours are best served on YouTube. This amazing platform has many real estate content creators with detailed videos showcasing properties.

How to Find Properties on YouTube

Here is how you can use YouTube as a tool to find properties:

  • Subscribe to Real Estate Channels

The first step to staying updated is subscribing to channels that post property tours and market updates.

  • Search for Property Tours

YouTube has a search feature, use relevant keywords to find property tours in your desired location. 

  • Engage with Videos

Repeat, the best way to engage and make connections is to Like, comment, and share videos. 

5. Pinterest: Visual Pin boards

Often overlooked, Pinterest is among these useful tools for property searches. Moreover, it allows you to create visual pinboards to cater to different aspects of your property search.

Using Pinterest Effectively

Below is how you can use Pinterest effectively for property searches;

  • Follow Real Estate Accounts

Use this platform to follow real estate agents and companies that post property listings and design inspiration. 

  • Use Keywords and Hashtags

Search for pins using keywords, hashtags, and location-specific terms.

Free Social Media Success Tips to Find the Best Properties

Before wrapping up, here are some quick tips for you:

  1. Consistency is Key: Check your social media handles regularly for the latest listings and updates. Be consistent and you will never miss out on the potential properties.
  2. Engage & Network: Engagement on relevant social media posts is a crucial part of the process. This will aid in networking leading to getting exclusive options. 
  3.  Verify Listings: Don’t forget to verify the listings you find on social media. You can always connect with the seller directly and arrange an in-person meeting.
  4.  Use Multiple Platforms: Do not rely on one platform.

Wrap Up

Social media is the reality of the moment and this powerful medium can be best used for finding properties for sale. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest, expose you to a wealth of information. Besides, it is among the best and most efficient ways to connect with key players in the real estate market. We hope that now you have the answer to how to use social media to find properties for sale. 

Follow the mentioned strategies and stay consistent to engage with the community. Happy Property Search!

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