FDA embraces digital technology in order to provide smart solutions

FDA embraces digital technology has taken a step towards improving service delivery and simplifying departmental processes by incorporating digital technology, according to a news article published on August 3. The digitalization initiative is aimed at the enhancement of public services and for faster delivery of town planning reports and ownership clearance certificates.

FDA Recent Meeting

In a recent authority meeting, which was chairman of FDA Director General (DG) Muhammad Asif Chaudhry. In order to review it implements digital technology. During the meeting, Operations Director Qaseem Alvi presented the digital application process. Highlighting its potential to modernize departmental procedures and effectively track application statuses.

Digital Methods Adoption

DG Chaudhry emphasized the significance of providing quick service delivery, a key element of their reform agenda. The adoption of digital methods for processing applications is seen as a ground-breaking step. This step is taken towards achieving their objective and enhancing user-friendliness for citizens.

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Digital System Focus

The main focus of the digital system is to issue town planning reports and ownership clearance certificates on the same day. The application submission, eliminates the need for applicants to make multiple visits to the FDA office, saving their time and effort.

Applicants Approval

To guarantee petitioner’s prompt relief the director general set the approvals given by the applicants. In order to keep applicants informed of the status of their applications in real-time. He also promoted the usage of SMS notifications.

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Faisalabad Development Authority(FDA) reaches with the adoption of digital technologies in urban development. Faisalabad’s experience highlights the enormous potential that arises when creativity and technology collide. Setting new benchmarks for cities all across the world as we stand on the edge of the urban revolution.


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