FBR body formed to help taxpayers submit sales tax returns

According to news released on October 23, a significant development has occurred as the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has established a committee to assist taxpayers in submitting their sales tax returns.

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Further elaborating, the FBR has established a specialized committee comprising eight members, organized into three teams. The initial team, headed by Sher Salim Tariq, Dr. Nasir Khan, and Aamir Amin Bhatti, will dedicated to devising and implementing a unified portal. This portal is for sales tax return submission within the telecom sector by October 31.

In the subsequent phase, under the leadership of Zainul Abidin Sahi, this system will extended to encompass all sectors by May 31, 2024. This initiative is a response to the government’s commitment. Also for aiding taxpayers, particularly those who could not meet the initial deadline of September 30.

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In order to cater to these individuals, an extension has authorized, giving them until October 31 to meet their obligations. This extension is intended by FBR to offer taxpayers an adequate timeframe to fulfill their responsibilities and, in doing so, prevent the risk of incurring penalties or legal consequences.

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