Districts of Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad is new addition among international standard residential projects in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Its 1st smart city in Pakistan while 4th in Asia. Meanwhile, 21st smart city from around the world. Real Estate giants including Habib Rafiq (Private) Limited (HRL), Future Development Holdings (Private) Limited (FDHL) and several other big name collaborated to present Capital Smart City Islamabad. Districts of Capital Smart City makes it different from other schemes.

It’s not another housing project but it’s a city itself. An upscale project features international standard facilities and amenities. Due to ideal location of Capital Smart City, it’s the most trending project in the present time. Capital Smart City Master Plan is a masterpiece of creative innovation that ensures

  • Community cultivation
  • Integrated lifestyle
  • Preservation of heritage
  • Excellency in connectivity

Capital Smart City sprawled over total land area of 55,000 Kanal. For making it well-planned, it is divided into various districts as per purpose. Following, we discuss main Districts of Capital Smart City with their salient features.

Gate Precinct

This district is basically face of capital smart city. Upon entrance, you get in to Gate Precinct. It features world-class lavish 5 and 3 star hotels and vistas. Furthermore, apartment and commercial buildings, retail and pavilion will also present in this districts. It will offer more than 200 residential units and brand outlets.

In Gate Precinct, you can also find recreational parks, green areas, mosque and educational institutes as well. Also,  it will lead you to Panda District and Panda Mart too.

Panda District

Panda District is present on Eastern Route of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). This district of capital smart city envisaged to become largest trading hub of particularly Chinese product in South Asia.

Panda Mart is the main attraction of this district. It features more than 2500 outlets in this Chinese-themed mall. It would be 1.2 km long mall with parking capacity of accommodating 3600 vehicles. Also, it offers

  • 300 warehouses
  • 1000 residential apartments

Panda Reserve

Panda Reserve particularly is a natural-theme park. It is dedicated to provide natural environment specifically to pandas and other several animals. Also, it has viewing decks to see this aesthetically pleasing park.

In addition, it features

  • Butterfly house,
  • Water birds and animals
  • Birds’ aviary
  • Animal cages
  • Cafeteria

Aviation District

out of all the districts of Capital Smart City, it is the most anticipated multi-disciplinary district. Specially designed for aviation industry, it features logistics and hospitality services. Aviation District, in particular, offers following main amenities

  • Expo Center
  • Aviation Academy
  • Flight Kitchens
  • Outlet Malls
  • Business Zone
  • Luxury Apartments
  • Lavish Hotels

Moreover, it’s located in proximity of New Islamabad International Airport. Thus, its biggest plus point for Capital Smart City.

Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is an innovative yet modern-day market place. It strives to present the perfect blend of innovation and excellency, amusement and necessity. Being most alluring and leisure destination, it fulfill need for boutiques, food and art. Encircled by dancing fountains and walking lake it offers following main facilities

  • Business offices
  • Boutique hotel
  • Commercial arena
  • Media city
  • Healthcare centers
  • Apartments and villas
  • Amusement park

Boulevard District

In line with Financial Square, Boulevard District aims to boost up the economic and commercial activities in the area. Providing most suitable environment, it give opportunities to business for safe and secure growth.

Financial Square

Envisaged to become business hub, financial square bringing massive trade and business opportunities. Qatar Financial Center and CPEC Tower is part of this huge financial hub. In order to increase the comfort, rotary pedestrian bridge is planned for pedestrians. It further offers following amenities:

  • Mega Mall
  • Pavilions
  • Commercial and Residential units
  • Parking Plazas
  • Hotel

 Healthcare District

Healthcare district offers most advance and modern health and fitness facilities.  Multi-purpose hospitals aims to provide ease for users.  Furthermore, it is comprised of:

  • Laboratories
  • Teaching hospitals
  • Hospitals
  • 2-star hotels
  • Mixed-used buildings

Education District

Capital Smart City focuses on uplifting living standard of residents. Thus, it has dedicated area for education purpose. This district is presenting famous big educational institutes. It disseminates information by means of latest and innovative teaching methods. Not just traditional, it will have vocational centers that will impart and polish skills of individuals. furthermore, you can also find following mega facilities here

  • Sport facilities
  • Museum
  • Library
  • Gallery
  • Research center
  • Park

Lake View District

Amidst other districts of Capital Smart City, it is the most alluring spot. With the picturesque views and water bodice, it offers tranquil and calm environment.  Here, you can have water boat riding, floating restaurant and serene walk along side of lake. Lake view district is comprised of following components

  • Villas
  • Apartments
  • Terraced apartments
  • Spa
  • Community club
  • Yacht club

The Terraces

It’s present beside the Crystal Lake. Perfect spot for leisure, entertainment and commercial activities. With tranquility and calm environment, its ideal place for spending peaceful time. The Terrace is accompanied with food stalls, restaurants, café and coffee shops. It is surrounded by lake from 3 side.

Capital Hills

It is another name for extravagance and luxuries. Capital Hills district is main example for it. It is featuring Golf Club and Horse-riding club along with several other amenities in this district. With a view of innovative communities, it’s the first hill-style golf club. With quality development, it also offers

  • Golf course villas
  • Club house
  • Golf pavilion
  • Lake pavilion
  • Villas
  • Town houses
  • Apartments
  • Gym

Overseas District 1 & 2

Since, its providing international-standard development. Thus, expats and foreigners are equally excited to invest in this project. For them, dedicated area is reserved. 2 districts are designated for overseas residents. It will be a regional-class spot. Furthermore, it will also serve as business catalyst. In particular, this district of made of residential villas, plots, apartments and mansions. Other than these, it also offers,

  • Educational institutes
  • Sector mosques
  • Parks
  • Linear park
  • Hospitality and retail arena

Residence Vista

Residence Vista is a purely residential district. It offers unique yet uniform residential villas varying in outlay. Also, its a perfect spot for having a peaceful, secure and comfortable life. All the modern-day facilities and amenities are provided in district for convenient lifestyle. Homes range from 5 Marla to 2 Kanals in size. Meanwhile, this district is equipped with

  • Jogging tracks
  • Walking tracks
  • Park
  • Mosque
  • Clinics
  • Education institutes

Farm Vista

This district is basically a Farm House Community. Combined with fresh and natural environment, farm vista offers lush green landscapes till horizon. It’s a perfect place for nature and farm lovers. In addition, Farm vista promotes organic lifestyle in most social yet isolated way.

Hills View Vista

Adjacent to Motorway M-2, these are tall towers. It features several apartments facing marvelous hills. In lush environment, it’s an ideal place for work and living. Equipped with generous facilities, this district will also have BRT Transport system. Also, it contains:

  • Food and Beverages
  • Pavilions
  • Mosque
  • Parks

Culture District

It’s particularly a step to preserve our cultural living style. Cultural district would be a biggest tourist attraction. As in a calm ambience, it would present Mughal-theme residence. Also, the dining area will be Mughlai-theme.

Sports District

Sports District is a global-standard sports zone. Being a unique community, it integrates residential, comfort, sports and recreational opportunities in a single spot i.e. Sports District. Accompanied with stream and natural beauty, it offers villas and residential apartments. Furthermore, it have

  • International Sports Academy
  • Cricket Stadiums
  • Olympic Stadium
  • F-2 Race track
  • Motorcycle race track
  • Sports retail
  • Pavilion


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