BRT Connection To The Airport In Capital Smart City

BRT Service In capital smart city, for Hassle Free & Rapid Transportation Capital Smart City islamabad (CSCI) is soon to become the most advanced smart city of Pakistan. It envisions providing smart, automated, safe and advance residential units along with modern amenities. Capital Smart City Islamabad would be a model for self-sustainable development. In the heart of Islamabad, It is going to be a hallmark of state of the art development.

Capital Smart City islamabad (CSCI) revolves around the concept of upscale urban management. It is introducing such facilities and luxuries that are never imagined before. Along with many others, Capital Smart City Islamabad is introducing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system. It is going to be the first ever BRT service operating in any housing scheme.

What is BRT

Bus Rapid Transit or BRT is a state of the art public transport that is bus-based. The BRT system is introduced to maximize the overall capacity and reliability as compared to tradition bus service. Present day developed countries consider BRT system and metro crucial for facilitating the citizens.

BRT service is known for exclusive routes, off-board fare collection and frequent collections. Furthermore, it doesn’t stuck in traffic jams or any delays.

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BRT service in Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad BRT system is going to serve as a new catalyst for innovative, modern and advance growth in the area. This city is sprawled over an area of more than 55000 Kanals. In this scenario, BRT service in Capital Smart City Islamabad is vital yet essential component that will make the mobility for the residents more convenient and comfortable.

These infrastructures are actually built up for 23rd century. In Capital Smart City, BRT System would serve as a local transport within society. Vast network of roads is already planned for the efficient working of BRT service.

Features of BRT service

BRT Services in Capital Smart City is an innovative project itself. The key features of Capital Smart City BRT system is listed below:

  • It will be spread over an area of 10 Km.
  • In order to maximize the convenience for users, there would be a well-equipped international standard station after every 500 meters.
  • E-ticketing provision
  • Real time schedule information
  • All the buses and stations would be centrally air-conditioned
  • Free Wi-Fi facility would be provided in both, stations and buses
  • Facilitated with efficient elevators and lifts
  • Segregated roads and corridors

Capital Smart City BRT system is one step ahead in utilizing cutting-edge technology to uplift the living standard. The BRT system of Capital Smart City is a cost-effective yet reliable source of mobility that offers rapid and frequent service.

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