DHA Quetta starts construction on its first early bird house

The Defense Housing Authority (DHA) Quetta recently conducted a groundbreaking ceremony to signify the beginning of the construction of the first 1-kanal early bird house within the society. The official Facebook page of the authority shared a video capturing the memorable DHA Quetta groundbreaking ceremony. The news ‘DHA Quetta starts construction on its first early bird house’ is fantastic for investors.

Building dreams, unveiling opportunities

The DHA Quetta held a momentous groundbreaking ceremony for the house. Moreover, in March of this year, the authority had already granted possession of the Early Bird residential plots to the owners and urged them to initiate construction on their houses.

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Elevating customer experience, embracing Innovation

In its ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction, DHA Quetta continuously strives to enhance its services. As part of this effort, the authority recently introduced an upgraded customer portal, ensuring an improved user experience. Further, with this advancement, customers can now access a more user-friendly platform for their convenience. Additionally, as the DHA Quetta embraces technological advancements, its firm commitment to customer facilitation remains steadfast.

Empowering customers, effortless transactions

After the recent upgrade, customers now have the convenience of accessing personalized profiles and availing of vouchers and payment plans. Additionally, the enhanced customer portal allows for seamless online payments, offering a streamlined and efficient experience.

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