DHA Quetta latest news 2022

DHA Quetta is a state-of-the-art housing scheme developed in the capital of Balochistan. Moreover, this society has been launched by the well-known authority Defence Housing Authority (DHA). Brigadier Muhammad Javed Iqbal is the Administrator of this project. Furthermore, it will be the modern residential project in Quetta DHA which has all the amenities provided at cost-effective prices. In this blog, you will find details about DHA Quetta latest news 2022.

DHA Quetta Latest News 2022

DHA Quetta is undoubtedly a smartly plan housing society, laced with all modern amenities, and become the center of attraction for most people and investors. Moreover, the administration of DHA Quetta has announced the Balloting dates for Early Birds (consisting of 1 Kanal plot in Sector A), and 5 Marla marketing files are offering on their official Facebook page.)

In addition, the announcement follows a teaser that asked followers to choose a voting date via the government’s social media channels. The early bird and 5 Mara marketing file placement voting will happen on March 30th, per this post. Moreover, dates for 1-Kanal allocation file balloting have not yet been disclose to the public. DHA Quetta Latest news update is satisfying and makes it a prominent location for investment.

DHA Quetta Announcement of Early Balloting Date

Balloting plays a very significant role, especially in DHA projects. Moreover, before and after that, a huge amount of buying and selling takes place. In addition, the balloting of Early Bird and 5 marketing files were adhering on March 20, 2022. Undoubtedly, everyone is waiting for the DHA Quetta Balloting date.

Effects on File Prices after Announcement

After the announcement, the file prices rise suddenly. However, these prices will increase more when the balloting results are announced. Furthermore, the thought of investing in DHA Quetta is always great because DHA Quetta  has an ideal location that offers a high return on investment. In addition, society offers a golden investment opportunity whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term investment.

Prices of Early Bird Files and 1 Kanal Affidavit

The latest price of an Early Bird File in DHA Quetta latest news is around 3 crores. Moreover, on the day of the announcement a rise in file prices of approx. 15 Lac was noticed. Prices vary from day to day. Furthermore, the price of 1 Kanal Affidavit is about 1.40 crores.

DHA Quetta Balloting 2021- DHA Quetta Latest News

The DHA Quetta Balloting went off without a hitch. The date of the first DHA Quetta Balloting was March 14, 2020. The 2020 DHA Quetta Balloting results have been finalized and published online. You can now quickly check the results of your election online. Please follow RBS land on social media for updates on the DHA Quetta Balloting results for 2021.

Ballot Date of Allocation Files in DHA Quetta

DHA administrators published a banner that shows that balloting will be held soon. Moreover, the balloting date will be announced soon and it’s official news. For the past few months, people have been gossiping that balloting will be held in September 2022.

DHA Quetta Early Bird Balloting

The DHA Quetta Early Bird Balloting is an exclusive time-bound scheme that offers prelaunch discounted rates to only the first 1200 customers to get a plot in Sector A, Phase I, DHA Quetta. Moreover, Sector A of DHA Quetta is located in phase I closer to the main Entrance Gate, and currently comes under this Early Bird scheme. In addition, only 1200 plots of 1 Kanal are available in this Early Bird scheme.

Early Bird Balloting Block Location

Early Bird Block is located at the prime location of DHA Quetta. Moreover, the block is just after the main gate of the society. The development is ongoing at a very fast pace. Furthermore, in a very short period, most of the development work was finish. Early development work was enough for the location plot ballot as per the recent update. However, this development work will raise the prices of plots also.

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Why invest in DHA Quetta?  Future of DHA Quetta

The purchasing power of DHA Quetta is very high because it is located in the center of Balochistan. However, the ROI on this society would be expected well. When study about the real sector you will come to know that the DHA Quetta file price is lower than expected. Furthermore, when the construction of this society will complete you can earn three times your investment.

Benefits of Investing in Early Bird DHA Quetta

If you book your plot now then you can get 1 Kanal plot in Sector A, phase 1 of DHA Quetta. Moreover, if you will miss this chance you can get a plot in any other phase but not in phase 1 of sector A. The major benefits you get by investing in this scheme are

  • Discounted rates
  • Specified sector
  • The location of this sector will release before balloting
  • In addition, plots in this sector are offering on a first come first serve basis

Furthermore, anyone can take benefit from this Early Bird Scheme. For availing of these benefits, there are some requirements you must fulfill before applying for this scheme. Moreover, you can invest if you have an open file/affidavit or an allocation letter. In addition, the development charges must pay fully to the authorize dealers of DHA Quetta. You can find a list of authorized dealers on the official website of DHA Quetta.

Early Bird DHA Quetta Ballot Updates

The precise number of balloted plots may range between 1,000 to 2,000 plots. Moreover, the move is expected to generate quite a buzz in the market, as these are anticipated to be premier plots situated within Sector A of the project.

Affordable Housing Society DHA Quetta

50 Acres will accommodate 800 apartments. Moreover, it is less expensive than traditional construction. A total of 30 las and 1000 square feet. Due to the walls being insulating, weather buddies and LT WT. Furthermore, ideal for a seismic region like Quetta, Space conservation is due to multi-story building, and quicker construction. In addition, some unique features of DHA Quetta are:

  • Intelligent Transport system
  • Use of embedded sensors/ GPS on waste bins
  • Smart Energy Management
  • Primary source QESCO
  • Establishment of 225MW Grid
  • Indigenous recycling with miun envmt impact
  • Infrared Sensors for TFC Signal Management & CCTV Cam
  • Integrated with DHA Quetta Mobile App
  • Laying of fiber optic
  • Dynamic waste management & routing


DHA Quetta is an amazing housing society equipped with top-notch facilities. Moreover, the society offers a modern lifestyle to its residents. The developers aim to upgrade living standards with unique features and first-class amenities. Furthermore, it’s a great time to avail this opportunity because the file rates are not too much at that time. DHA Quetta also ensures a high return on investment. It is also famous for bringing beautiful and lavish housing society to the major cities of Pakistan. Moreover, it is a well-developed community that provides an eco-friendly and peaceful environment to its residents.

To know more about the balloting process you can contact DHA Quetta management by contact number available on its official website. If you are looking for more profitable investment projects please read about New Metro City Mandi Bahauddin and Countryside Farms.

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