Concrete Carpeted Road in Progress in Capital Smart City

The development process of Capital Smart City Islamabad is going through at an efficient pace. Capital Smart City, the first ever smart city of Pakistan, is proficiently working to provide a luxurious and comforting experience to its residents. One of the main focus of DHA Smart City is to build a network of roads that will let the residents get through any traffic jam hustle.

Presently FDH, along with HRL’s services and efforts, has accomplished to build a concrete road.  This road is 120 feet long. It will be a great experience for resident’s to reach their destination without any traffic block. 175 heavy machines are currently working day and night to provide quality work.

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The modern services along with technological advancements, Capital Smart City is determined to provide best experience for its residents. It is already believed to be a smart choice among the national and international investors equally.  Therefore, it will see the best economic activities and growth because of its location and feature. The launch of society is expected to be in April, 2019.

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Currently, the main boulevard of 300 feet length is under progress & we will share more information as the road is being concreted. Keep yourself updated by visiting Royal Business Solutions (RBS) to know more about the recent developments at DHA Capital Smart City Islamabad.