Citi Housing Sialkot

Citi Housing Sialkot is an amazing housing project offering in the surroundings of Sialkot, such as Palm City Sialkot. Moreover, the developers aim to deliver upgrade living standards to its residents. In addition, the location of Citi housing Sialkot also attracts investors because of its easy accessibility. Another attractive feature of this project is the affordable plot prices. Furthermore, by keeping in mind the buying capacity of investors, the developers offered easy Citi housing Sialkot installment plan. So, investing in this marvelous project will lead to long-term benefits. Lastly, to know about this residential project continues reading.

About Sialkot City                                                       

Sialkot is the 12th most populous city of Pakistan situated in north-east Punjab which is one of the most industrialized regions of Pakistan. Additionally, Sialkot is believed to be the location of ancient Sagala, which Alexander the Enormous destroyed in 326 BCE and subsequently made the capital of the Indo-Greek kingdom in the second century BCE. During this period, the city saw great prosperity as a significant hub for trade and Buddhist philosophy.

With local companies producing 40–60 million footballs annually, or nearly 70% of global production, it is the largest producer of hand-sewed footballs. Furthermore, the largest manufacturer of surgical instruments is located in Sialkot.

Citi Housing Sialkot Owners & Developers

The magnificent Citi Housing Sialkot project is developed by City Housing Developer which is renowned for its outstanding performance. Moreover, the developers deliver various successful projects in the past such as Citi Housing Gujranwala, Citi Housing Multan, and Citi Housing Jhelum. Major Malik Amir owns this society. Furthermore, the team consists of experts working professionally to provide world-class amenities and the best living standards to investors. Moreover, investors can confidently invest there because their investment will be valuable.

Citi Housing Sialkot Map & Location

The Citi Housing Sialkot location is the prominent feature of this project. Additionally, Daska Road is where this residential housing is located. Furthermore, it is close to Gojra, Nandipur, Satellite Town, Model Town, and Beerh. The fact that this real estate project is nearby to all the key locations required for sustainable living, like schools, colleges, hospitals, banks, and businesses, is another excellent feature. Moreover, investment in this region will therefore result in sustainable living standards. The housing society, as well as the Blue World City Islamabad, is one of the top local real estate investments.

Citi housing Sialkot location map
Citi Housing Sialkot Location Map

NOC Status of Citi Housing Sialkot

NOC certificate is an important document that investors look at before investing in any real estate project. Moreover, the developers have legal status due to their previous projects. This project receives a lot of investments. Therefore, the investors trust the developers and have confidence that their properties will be worthy.

Master Plan

The Citi Housing Sialkot scheme consists of 8 blocks namely A, B, C, D, E, F, G, and H. Moreover, several residential and commercial plots are available for sale in Citi Housing Sialkot. Bookings are now open for the Citi Housing Sialkot plot for sale. Furthermore, the plot prices are highly affordable and the one aspect that investors found interesting is the access to the installment plan.

Another notable fact is that the housing society provides a range of amenities to all investors and potential inhabitants, from basic comforts to fancy luxuries. Additionally, housing societies are helping residents in developing their economies because the presence of a commercial area will encourage investors and future residents to launch their own unique ventures. As a result, investment here can result in greater monetary incentives.

Citi Housing Sialkot Master Plan
Citi Housing Sialkot Master Plan

Residential Plots

The developers offer residential plots of various sizes at cost-effective prices. Moreover, the house for rent in Citi Housing Sialkot is also available. Furthermore, all top-notch facilities are offering to its residents. The list of residential plots available in this project are

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Commercial Plots

Citi housing Sialkot also offers commercial plots to fulfill the business needs of people. Therefore, investing in the commercial area will generate more benefits. Some of the commercial plots sizes are

  • 3 Marla
  • 5 Marla

Development Status

This astonishing project is developing at a very fast pace. Moreover, roads are completely constructed and investors can easily visit the site. In addition, the project infrastructure is of high quality. Furthermore, the residents are spending happy times here with their loved ones. Consequently, investing here will be profitable.

Citi Housing Sialkot Payment Plan

The payment plan of Citi housing Sialkot is affordable and encourages investors to invest there. Moreover, this project attracts investors of different socio-economic statuses. In addition, the developers want to provide the best lifestyle at budget-friendly prices like New City Paradise. The installment plan is the significant factor that attracts investors and helps them to make real estate investments. Moreover, plots of various sizes are available that help investors in decision-making.

citi housing sialkot payment plan
Citi Housing Sialkot Payment Plan

There is a clause stating that 36 installments are due every three months. However, in order to start the purchasing process, the down payment must be paid. As a result, making an investment here will be a wise choice for all investors, including those from the Kingdom Valley Islamabad. Last but not least, go to the RBS land marketing’s official website to receive the most recent payment schedule for top residential projects like Nova City Peshawar.


Features and amenities are the appealing aspects that attract investors to invest in Citi Housing Sialkot.

  • Grand Mosque
  • Citi Parlour
  • Zoo, Parks as well as playgrounds
  • Commercial Area
  • Gym, Fitness Area as well as Cinema
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Marts and Malls
  • Dancing Fountain
  • Water Fall Garden
  • Rafalgar Square Replica
  • High-Quality Infrastructure

Amenities of Citi Housing Sialkot

The society offers all the basic and modern amenities to upgrade the living standards of its residents. Moreover, a few of them are as follows

Hospitals and Educational Complexes

Education is a vital factor to educate and modernize the community. Therefore, educational institutes are available to provide well standard education and help residents to achieve sustainable goals. Moreover, healthcare facilities will also be available, operating round-the-clock to assist the resident in an emergency. The residents’ quality of life is improved by all of these factors.

Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque is situated here to assist residents in fulfilling their spiritual needs. The Mosque’s architecture is also remarkable. The residents will also have easy access to the mosque so they can fulfill their spiritual needs timely and effectively. Therefore, making investments here will result in the citizens’ peaceful lives.

Theme Parks and Playgrounds

All residents will live in a healthy environment provided by the developers. Moreover, there are theme parks and other leisure areas available for all the inhabitants. Furthermore, exercise and fitness activities will also aid people in achieving their health goals because health is an important component of all human lives.


Citi Housing Sialkot is an outstanding project in Sialkot city that offers world-class amenities at affordable prices. Moreover, the payment plan is very flexible and an installment plan is also available to let the investors easily pay the remaining property amount. Furthermore, luxuries and prominent locations attract investors to make their future secure by investing there. We highly recommend you invest in this breathtaking project to keep your future secure and a high return on investment.

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