CM of Punjab visits China’s Ningxia province to increase collaboration in the development sector

On September 20, it was reported that the Chief Minister (CM) of Punjab visited Yinchuan on a diplomatic mission, aiming to enhance the relationship between Punjab and Ningxia across diverse development sector.

Additional information provided specifies that the official discussions between CM Naqvi and Secretary Liang primarily revolved around the progress of Ningxia’s development. They both underscored the importance of implementing streamlined one-window operations to enhance administrative efficiency.

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An important result of the visit was the dialogue concerning the formation of sister city bonds between Sahiwal and Bahawalpur in Punjab and Wuzheng and Zhang Wei in Ningxia. This endeavor designed to bolster cultural connections and facilitate exchanges between the residents of these regions, fostering a stronger sense of unity and collaboration.

Secretary Liang Visits Punjab

During the visit, an invitation was extended to Secretary Liang to visit Punjab. It signifying a notable stride in rejuvenating a 17-year-old sister province agreement between Ningxia and Punjab. This dedication to rekindling longstanding partnerships highlights the enduring friendship and mutual respect between the two regions.

Furthermore, they explored potential collaborative ventures across pivotal sectors. These sectors include meat production, dairy development, Information Technology, and drip irrigation systems. These knowledge exchanges possess significant potential to propel Punjab’s economic and technological progress.

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During the visit, cultural interactions and events were planning to promote a sense of cultural understanding. Moreover, the harmony between Punjab and Ningxia, ultimately strengthening people-to-people ties.


In conclusion, the visit of the Punjab Chief Minister (CM) to China’s Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region marks a significant step towards enhancing collaboration. It also enhances partnerships in various sectors crucial for Punjab’s growth and development sector. The outcomes of this visit anticipates to be beneficial for both regions. Furthermore, it sets the stage for a prosperous and cooperative future.

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