CDWP approves CLICK, 6 other projects worth PKR 85bn.

According to a report from December 28, the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) approves seven projects amounting to PKR 85.24 billion. These projects cover diverse sectors, prominently featuring the “Competitive and Livable City of Karachi (CLICK).” The report delineates crucial sectors—such as information technology, healthcare, urban planning, and housing—specifically earmarked for Karachi.

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Under the guidance of Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Jehanzeb Khan, the CDWP endorsed five development projects worth PKR 13 billion. Additionally, two projects totaling PKR 72.24 billion have been forwarded to the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) for further evaluation and approval.

The most substantial project, the CLICK initiative, it’s value is PKR 63.95 billion. It is closely associated with Karachi and was presented for approval by ECNEC during the meeting. Its primary aim is to bolster competitiveness and elevate the living standards in the country’s economic hub. Funding for the CLICK project involves a contribution of PKR 61.11 billion from the World Bank’s Investment Project Financing (IPF) and a provincial government allocation of PKR 2.833 billion.

Furthermore, the CDWP sanctioned two projects under the Ministry of Law & Justice. These projects focus on establishing a facilitation center for litigants and lawyers in Sector G-10/1 in Islamabad, estimated at PKR 1.862 billion. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) will execute and fund these projects. Another approved project entails setting up 93 District Courts in Mauve Area G-11/4 Islamabad, with a cost of PKR 2.232 billion. These approvals align with the increasing relevance of lawyers across various political platforms in the upcoming general elections.

Additionally, the CDWP gave the green light to two projects under the Ministry of Information. These encompass the upgrade of the Transmission Network and the Replacement of Optical Fibre cables in AJK & Gilgit Baltistan, estimated at PKR 1.999 billion. Moreover, the second project, concerns the Prime Minister’s Initiatives Support for IT Start-ups, Specialized IT Training, and Venture Capital. It has obtained approval at a revised cost of PKR 5 billion.

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Moreover, the CDWP refers projects totaling PKR 8.289 billion to ECNEC for establishing an Infectious Disease Laboratory. Also, this proposed project, funded through PSDP, aims to set up an advanced R&D Laboratory for detecting and analyzing microorganisms. Its completion will empower the NIH with enhanced capabilities for timely control and research on various pathogens.

Lastly, the Baaikhtiyar Nojwan Internship Programme in Balochistan. Which is a skill development internship project, secured approval for PKR 1.850 billion, fully funded by the World Bank.

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