CDA to receive PKR 1.4 billion to resume work on 10th Avenue

According to news reports on June 6, the federal government has notified the Capital Development Authority (CDA) that they will allocate a sum of PKR 1.4 billion for the 10th Avenue project. The government plans to disburse the funding by the end of this year to recommence construction on 10th Avenue. The news ‘CDA to receive PKR 1.4 billion to resume work on 10th Avenue’ is admirable.

A Construction Project Managed by CDA, Funded by the Federal Government

According to the specifications, the initiation of construction for this project took place in March 2022 .The  completion date for the project was set for March 2024.However, construction abruptly suspended earlier this year, even though only 15% of the work had been completed within 14 months. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) bears the responsibility for executing this initiative since the federal government funds it.

In the first of the two phases of the 10th Avenue project, which is now under construction, a 5 km road is being built from Katarian Bridge on IJP Road to Srinagar Highway close to the intersection of G-9 and G-10. Further, they will build the second phase eventually from Margalla Road to the Srinagar Highway. Additionally, for profitable investment options, you can read about Gulberg green islamabad.

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Impacts of project implementation on Rimsha Colony

The implementation of this project will have an impact on Rimsha Colony, an informal settlement located in Sector H-9. With approx. 1,400 houses in the area, the CDA will need to relocate the residents to an alternative location. The aim of relocation is to facilitate the construction of the road in that specific area. Moreover, when the CDA tries to evict the residents of Rimsha Colony during development, an unpleasant situation will develop. Therefore, it is the appropriate time to resolve this conflict amicably, he said.

He emphasized the importance of involving the representatives of Rimsha Colony in the decision-making process before proceeding.

Furthermore, the Interior Ministry notified the municipal organization that they would allocate PKR 1,400,000,000 to the 10th Avenue project before the end of the current fiscal year. Additionally, the project would receive 400 million PKR through the Public Sector Development Program (PSDP) in the upcoming fiscal year.

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