CDA to approve consultants for Serena and Jinnah Avenue Interchanges

ISLAMABAD, July 1, 2024: The Capital Development Authority (CDA)  is ready to approve consultants for Serena and Jinnah Avenue Interchanges. The purpose is to control traffic congestion in the area. The project’s completion will mark a significant milestone in enhancing the Capital city’s road infrastructure.

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Formal approvals for the project are expected in the coming weeks. The Serena Interchange and Jinnah Avenue are prime locations, and the execution of this project will enhance the aesthetics and connectivity of the city.

CDA Chairman, Usman Ali, stated, “The selection of experienced consultants is crucial for the successful execution of these projects. We are committed to ensuring that the interchanges meet international standards and significantly benefit the city’s residents and visitors.”

The consultants will ensure the designing, planning, supervision, and timely completion of the project within the stipulated budget.  The approval of consultants further shows the dedication of CDA to enhancing the city’s urban structure while transforming the transportation landscape for the benefit of visitors and residents.

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