CDA revokes plots allocation for non-payment of dues and violation of terms

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken strong action by canceling the allocation of 49 plots in important areas across Islamabad, as reported on January 29.

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This decision was made because the plot owners didn’t follow the rules, terms, and regulations properly. They also didn’t meet their responsibilities and didn’t pay their dues on time. According to the public notice from the CDA, the canceled plots include one in a prestigious commercial area and others in industrial areas and shopping centers.

The goal of this action is to make sure everyone follows the rules properly in the real estate sector. The CDA says these cancellations happened. Because the plot owners clearly broke the rules and didn’t do what they were supposed to.

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To protect people, the CDA warns against doing any business involving these cancelled plots allocation. They want to make it clear that if anyone loses money because of investing in these plots, the authorities won’t take responsibility for it.

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