CDA for relocating private schools outside of residential areas

ISLAMABAD: CDA for relocating private schools outside of residential areas

A new policy is being proposed by Islamabad’s Capital Development Authority (CDA) to deal with the problem of private schools operating in residential neighborhoods. As part of the new policy, the CDA will lease plots of land to private schools on a rental basis. At their forthcoming sixth meeting, the CDA board will talk about this item on the agenda.

Currently, government schools acquire plots at a lower cost. On the other hand, private schools require to buy plots through a competitive process at market rates. Almost 400 private schools are still operating in residential neighborhoods despite the CDA’s failure to remove them from there.

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CDA Policy

According to the proposed policy, the CDA will assist private schools in building purpose-built campuses by offering land parcels on a leasing basis for 20 to 25 years. Further, the school owners will pay the CDA a monthly rent, and the schools will not impose additional fees.

CDA  identify almost 100 vacant plots, including brand-new ones for private schools in respective sectors. If the idea gets approval, the CDA hopes to earn roughly Rs1 billion in annual profit. They claim that since operating private schools is now a lucrative industry, they should not take priority. Moreover, policy opponents argue that the CDA should make it easier for relocating private schools outside of residential areas.

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Overall, the CDA hopes that the new policy will assist private schools in leaving residential areas, make it easier to build campuses specifically for their needs, and raise the standard of student education. The board will make the final decision on the policy at their forthcoming meeting.

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