CDA discloses information regarding land ownership recovered from unauthorized owners

The information regarding the land ownership from unauthorized occupants has been disclosed by the Capital Development Authority (CDA), as reported in a newspaper on October 16.

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According to the detail provided, the CDA has effectively regained 750 kanals of its land. These lands are located in Sectors I-12/1, I-12/2, and I-12/3 in the past week. Additionally, CDA land ownership by Chairman Captain (retired) Anwar ul Haq has recently issued firm orders to intensify efforts in curbing encroachments across the federal capital.

A spokesperson reported that the CDA Enforcement Directorate, in coordination with multiple government agencies. It launched a coordinated operation to address an unauthorized Afghan settlement near NUST in Sector I-12. Moreover, this operation included the use of heavy machinery, leading to the removal of numerous makeshift structures and livestock enclosures.

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Furthermore, as reported by the news source, the 750 kanals of recovered land will designated for a range of forthcoming development initiatives. Notably, the anti-encroachment effort extended beyond Sector I-12 and included multiple other areas in Islamabad. These areas include Simly Dam Road, Karnal Sher Khan Avenue, Mandi Mor, Margalla Town Phase-2, and Murree Road. However, this operation involved the clearance of obstacles from public pathways on both sides of these roads.

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