CDA decides to digitize plot data for the convenience of the public

According to the news report, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to digitize the plot record with the goal of improving public accessibility and convenience on 10 October.

According to the provided details, sources have mentioned that a specialized website portal will be established to streamline this procedure. This platform will offer extensive information about both residential and commercial plots, as well as buildings.

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CDA authorities digitize plot in the process of developing a standard format for the submission of complete plot details. This format will serve as the basis for establishing a comprehensive data repository, facilitating the digitalization of records. Citizens will have unrestricted access to this digitized data through an online portal.

Moreover, the initiative to digitize plot records will initiate with the records of D-12 in the initial phase, acting as a trial run. Following a successful implementation, records from all sectors will undergo gradual digitization. However, this extensive effort will include records from multiple departments including the revenue directorate, planning, estate management, and building control.

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Furthermore, individuals can readily access details regarding water fees, property taxes, and other responsibilities without requiring a visit to the CDA offices. A simple click allows citizens to obtain comprehensive plot information, representing a notable advancement in enhancing public accessibility and convenience.

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