CDA approves building plans for high-rise developments throughout the city

As per a news published in the newspaper on September 28, the committee of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has given the approval for the building designs of high-rise developments strategically located in profitable areas throughout the city.

During a recent gathering of the CDA’s design evaluation panel, representatives from the civic body’s planning division were in attendance. The proposed high-rise developments, notably a towering 26-story hotel on Club Road cover a considerable area of 27,394.40 square yards. This assured to involve significant expenses, engaging various sectors within the construction industry.

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Furthermore, the agreement was granted for a 15-story structure on plot B-2, spanning 1,333.33 square yards in the New Blue Area of the city. The committee also approved a 9-story building to host the Asian Development Bank, situated on a 4,840.40 square yard plot in Sector G-5. Additionally, the plan for a 9-story building assigning to the Institute of Cost Management Accounts of Pakistan given the go-ahead.

Within sectors I-8 and F-8, the committee follows a thorough review of essential documents. It authorizes the blueprints for buildings spanning six and seven stories. This extension in the city’s vertical infrastructure underscores the commitment of investors and developers to enrich Islamabad’s growing commercial domain.

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Moreover, the committee also approved the designs for three commercial constructions situated within two private housing communities. These communities were showcasing the diverse array of developmental struggles within the city.

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