CDA shares a list of approved housing societies in Islamabad

In an effort to furnish essential information to potential property buyers, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has published an updated list of approved housing societies in Islamabad, as reported by a news source on July 31st.

CDA Two-Step Approval Procedure

Details state that the CDA uses a two-step approval procedure. The project’s Layout Plan (LOP) receives technical approval initially, and upon meeting all stipulated requirements, No Objection Certificates (NOCs) are subsequently issued. Sponsors are able to move on with the development and plot sales as soon as they receive the NOC.

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Zone-4 and ICT Regulation 1992

It is significant that Zone-4 permits residential housing projects and agro-farming in accordance with the ICT (Zoning) Regulation, 1992 (modified in 2010). Following the completion of all necessary procedures, it grants permissions for these projects.

Keeping vigilant for Unauthorized Schemes

Furthermore, the civic agency strongly objected to housing project advertising and marketing without a proper NOC. These actions are considered illegal and unapproved, and marketing firms are severely prohibited from deceptively promoting illegal housing projects.

Additionally, it prohibits sponsors of such schemes from selling or developing housing projects unless they have obtained the necessary NOC from Capital Development Authority.

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A significant development in the Islamabad sector is the Capital Development Authority’s release of the list of Approved Housing Societies.

To consider the serious risks of illegal housing societies in Islamabad, a number of communities have shared concerns about their presence. Potential buyers get reliable guidance with the help of this updated data to protect their investments and make smart choices.

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