Capital Smart City villa possession handover has been announced

According to the latest news, the administration of Capital Smart City has officially declared the initial batch of possession of Smart Villas in the Overseas East Block of the housing scheme. The esteemed clients can anticipate receiving possession of their properties on the designated date of 30th September 2023. To access more information regarding this announcement, kindly refer to the official notification posted on the Capital Smart City’s official website. The news ‘Capital Smart City Villa Possession Handover has been announced’, is admirable.

Settle Debts; Secure Your Smart Villa at Capital Smart City!

According to the declaration, Villa owners must settle any outstanding debts before taking custody of their Smart Villas, as per the requirement of CSC management.

Further, the first-ever Smart Villas in Pakistan have been introduced by Capital Smart City in partnership with Trivelles International. In the Overseas Block, the villas are situated halfway between Crystal Lake and the 18-hole golf course. Capital Smart City Payment Plan 2023 is also a great option if you’re looking to live a luxurious lifestyle in the city.

The sizes of Capital Smart City Smart Villas are as follows:

Abbey villas (5marla-3 bedrooms)

Strand villas (5marla-4 bedrooms)

Harley villas (10marla-4bedrooms)

Regent villas (10marla-5bedrooms)

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Capital Smart City – Where Excellence Meets Luxury!

With a strong emphasis on meeting the needs and requirements of investors, CSC consistently delivers exceptional services. It is also providing a luxurious living experience. Moreover, the introduction of Smart Villas is a testament to the management’s commitment to excellence, solidifying the housing scheme’s reputation as a prominent gem in Pakistan’s real estate landscape. Capital Smart City extends heartfelt congratulations to its members on the possession announcement, considering it a significant milestone and another step towards embracing a smart and modern way of living.

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