Capital Smart City Hydroponic Farms Better Than Conventional Farming

Capital Smart City is indeed a great city. In order to provide Smart Life, it always comes up with novel and exclusive ideas. These ideas are not merely restricted to planning but it executes all of them in most efficient way. Sustainable Future in terms of Environment, Resources, Transportation, Economy and other is foremost priority of it. Capital Smart City Hydroponic Farms is also an efficient component in this regard.

Smart living in incomplete if you do not implement Smart Techniques in every regard especially in fulfilling residents demands of food. Thus, Hydroponic Farms is the ideal solution for it.

In this blog, we will discuss how Capital Smart City islamabad Hydroponic Farms are better than conventional farming.

Water Efficient

Water scarcity is the biggest global challenge right now. According to one research, large percentage of water wasted on agricultural purpose. In comparison to conventional farming, it uses only 10% of water while conserving up to 90% of water.

In this water-saving procedure, plants takes only necessary water and remaining is recirculated. The water loss only happens due to evaporation or leaking.

Soilless Growing

Farming or plantation without soil once considered alien concept. But with advancement in environmental sciences, it is now possible. In conventional farming, identifying accurate soil type is quite difficult. Moreover, if not available, you have to import it to ideal location that is quite expensive as well as intensive process.

However, these hydroponic farms vanishes this troublesome procedure. Also, that is the erase it is called Future of Farming. As, with growing construction need, arable land is shrinking. In this regard, huge land saved for other facilities and amenities.

Higher Yields

In a well-managed hydroponic farms, same vegetables or fruits can be grown twice fast as compared to other. Since, Capital Smart City is a city itself. It is going to accommodate more than 1 million people. Thus, there is immediate need of such farms that compete with increasing vegetable and fruit demands at faster pace.

No Pesticides Require

Hydroponic farms usually are less vulnerable to pesticides. Thus, it require less or no as such pesticides. In the long run with less pesticides usage, it does not damage the soil as well as keep the environment free from pollutants. On the other hand, pests are one of the serious head-ache of conventional farming. It ultimately cause damage to vegetables and additional costs for spays as well.

Green throughout the year

Yes, you can keep it green all through the year. Since, temperature and light intensity is not an issue. So, you can grow off-seasonal plants in these hydroponic farms as well. With this optimal growth, you can have maximum production. In addition, consumers can have desired-products despite of the season.

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