Capital Smart City Healthcare District

The Capital Smart City Healthcare District is home to the top medical facilities. This area is in charge of maintaining the community’s health and providing the best level of medical care in the case of an emergency. The District also has an abundance of parks, dining options, and shopping areas.

RDA Approval

CSC is an RDA-approved housing venture developed by Habib Rafiq Pvt. Ltd and Future Development Holdings Pvt. Ltd. This sector provides opportunities to develop healthcare services and maintain public health for both individuals and businesses.

In addition, the whole district is also developed following modern technical advancements, including the labs and test centers.

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Healthcare Programs

Following are some of the programs of the Healthcare District:

  • Green Park
  • Laboratories
  • 2 Star Hospital
  • 500 Bed Hospital
  • Mixed-Use Buildings
  • Designated Parking Area
  • 750-Bed Teaching Hospital
  • Pavilion – Food and Beverage

Technology Infrastructure

The area ensures the health and well-being of the residents at all costs 24/7. With the region’s cutting-edge medical technology and peaceful environment, residents are not required to go anywhere else for medical treatment.

Advanced Treatments

All the basic to advanced treatments are provided here. The hospitals and care units offer everything needed for top-notch medical care right in the vicinity.

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Capital Smart City Healthcare District is a developmental project of CSC, which aims to offer advanced healthcare facilities and services. Its emphasis on healthcare aims to improve resident’s quality of life and promote the community’s health. This district is a key step toward establishing a sustainable and health-conscious environment within the Capital Smart City, even though specifics may vary.

The major purpose behind establishing this masterpiece is to provide the residents with the perfect lifestyle they have always dream of.

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