Al-Ghani Garden and Meinhardt sign agreement for Project

Al-Ghani Garden and Meinhardt sign an agreement for an upcoming project. They made the announcement through their official Facebook page on June 3rd, 2023.

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Al-Ghani Garden is a housing society that offers you the most luxurious, elegant and reasonably priced plots of land to reside on in Lahore. The community received exhilarating news about this partnership, as it promises various benefits and opportunities for the people. With Meinhardt’s expertise, Al-Ghani Garden’s upcoming project is set to achieve new heights of success. Al-Ghani Garden and Meinhardt sign an agreement at their Lahore headquarters, according to the information provided. The largest engineering company in Asia is the Meinhardt Group of Companies. The company’s recognized designers, engineers, and architects shape the top residential projects.

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Al-Ghani Garden’s administration aims to leverage this partnership to significantly enhance the value of their upcoming project. They have a steadfast commitment to completing outstanding housing projects. The collaboration signifies their dedication to delivering excellence and meeting the evolving needs of the residents.

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