What everyone is talking about when it comes to residential construction services


Construction services are a very broad spectrum of tasks and responsibilities associated with the construction. During the period from design to completion, there are numerous services and parameters which should be taken care of. Monitoring the building’s life cycle after the completion of the project remains essential in terms of the quality of life and health of residents. Therefore, it is always imperative to have a precise and complete project plan.

This will ensure that all processes are undertaken as per schedule without any harmful mistakes or delays in operation. This will also ensure that everything will be delivered as scheduled within budget.

Types of Building and Construction Services

To offer our readers a clearer understanding of the various building and construction services, we’ve outlined the most crucial ones below:

Pre-Construction Services

Everything starts with pre-construction services. While the trip for a new building project is underway, there are some tasks and questions that the team should find out. This is where an idea gradually becomes a project and the practical side of the vision is examined.

It also gives team members the first idea of what the potential project costs and expectations would be. In any new building structure or renovation project, it is difficult to predict the total cost of the project earlier in the project.

This is the list of some of the most crucial services that you should look into during the pre-construction phase:

  • Cost estimation
  • Project scheduling
  • Design decision-making
  • Handling of construction materials
  • Building permits
  • Traffic studies
  • LEED Certification process
  • Land purchase

Construction project management

Numerous factors should be considered once a project starts progressing. Coordination between the various agents and the formation of strong teams should be maintained right from project initiation to closure.

This process is facilitated by data which enables fast and analytical decision-making. We can roughly split the construction management phase into three sections:

Planning phase:

This is where everything kicks off as the project team sits down to discuss and brainstorm. In addition, the team does all in their power to solve any problems which may have arisen. That way, they can ensure that the progress of the project is done accordingly and they will all stay within budget.

During this phase, notable construction services include the following:

  • Collaborate with the engineer and architect to conceptualize the design and ascertain your requirements for materials, equipment, and building systems.
  • Identify the best way to deal with labor, material, and time.
  • Obtain all necessary building permits.
  • Make sure that all contractual agreements are honored.
  • Create a schedule for your project that is effective and complete.
  • Ensure you do all that is required to earn LEED certification.
  • Identify the most qualified people for the job and conduct a bidding exercise.

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Execution phase:

A plan is used in the implementation or execution phase and the construction phase. The execution phase comprises two distinct processes: execution and monitoring/control. It can be a tedious stage of the process which involves the project managers and other members of the team ensuring the construction project meets the specifications and plans.

Below, you’ll find the most impactful construction services carried out during the execution phase:

  • Focus on your site’s safety. Ensure that all safety standards are kept.
  • Quality control
  • Organize regular interactions with the project’s agents (for instance, owners, subcontractors, consultants).
  • Cost accounting for construction projects.
  • Ensure quality control and overall supervision of work on site.
  • Hire the right people to work.
  • Project documentation such as submittals, and RFI’s.
  • Punch list
  • Construction site visits
  • Stay on top of payments.
  • Post construction phase


The last few years have seen a growing interest in the design-build method. Using the same team that does the design and construction on the other hand can speed up the project’s efficiency while limiting risks. Furthermore, linking the design and construction phases can help you develop more knowledge concerning the obstacles that can hinder you when building the facility.

Similarly, it enables you to choose the right materials and equipment. Moreover, the design-build phase is expected to create many opportunities in the construction industry for sustainable building and innovation.

In essence, we can summarize the most critical construction and building services as follows:

  • Dealing with project conflicts.
  • Managing project costs which could be lower in design-build projects.
  • Quality assurance in terms of design, feasibility, and complexity.
  • Enhancing project efficiency and team cooperation.
  • Managing the progress meetings and communications across the multiple project sides.

Building Services

The first three construction service categories we mainly focused on, where we highlighted the services tightly coupled with design and the project management process. Finally, we will move the focus to practical activities and builders’ services associated with building life-cycle.

The services listed below are conducted for buildings to be safe, functional, and comfortable:

  • Building management systems
  • Power supply: renewable energy sources, electricity, gas, etc.
  • Energy allocation
  • Fire protection, safety, and detection
  • Lifts and escalators
  • Facade engineering
  • Building facade consultancy
  • Building ventilation
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Water system
  • Plumbing systems
  • Lighting (both artificial and natural)
  • Security
  • Alarm systems
  • Lightning safety system
  • Refrigerant installation
  • Drainage
  • Sensor installation
  • Building connectivity
  • How to estimate carbon emissions and how to reduce them.
  • Humidity control

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The provision of building services may include several tasks aimed at maintaining the building in perfect order. For every type of project whether it is renovation, new construction, addition, or rebuilding there should be a lot of effort and strong coordination.


Altogether, proper coordination of these many construction services is what guarantees your project. However, it is not easy to maintain control at all times. As such, the combination of experienced colleagues and the best digital devices can be of significant assistance to you. You only need to be sure that your project is moving the right way only.


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