WCLA Declares! 15 Historic Sites as Heritage Properties

Walled City of Lahore (WCLA) Government has declared 15 historic sites in Citi Housing Peshawar as heritage properties, a significant step forward in the preservation of the area’s cultural and architectural legacy. This decision is the outcome of WCLA’s collaborative efforts to safeguard and promote Pakistan’s rich historical heritage.

Several heritage properties are currently protected under the terms of the WCLA Act 2012:

  1. Nisar Haveli,
  2. Noori Building,
  3. Gurdwara Janam Astan
  4. Samadi Bhai Mani Singh
  5. Baoli Bagh
  6. Govt Rang Mahal School
  7. Jain Hall
  8. Qamar Manzil
  9. Deputies House
  10. Shamsheer Singh Haveli
  11. Haveli Wajid Ali Shah
  12. Teh­sil Haveli
  13. Makhzan-ul-Aloom Building
  14. Khalifa Manzil
  15. Sabil Wali Gali

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Announcement Ceremony

The news was made at a ceremony attended by government officers, prominent archaeologists, and players from the real estate and heritage conservation sectors at the City Housing Peshawar point.

Director General of WCLA:

The executive director of WCLA, Kamran Lashari, emphasized that his department’s objective is to guarantee that local communities benefit from their initiatives. The preservation of these historic sites not only protects the city’s past but also allows current and future generations to reconnect with their roots.

Conversation Board of WCLA

The Conservation Council conducted rigorous research and analysis during the selection process, which result in the designation of these 15 sites as valuable components of Lahore’s cultural and architectural legacy. The total number of estate assets claimed under the WCLA Act 2012 has now reached 52 with this newest addition.

Preservation and Restoration

The preservation and restoration of these heritage properties are consistent with the WCLA’s objective to promote sustainable tourism while motivating visitors to discover Lahore’s culturally rich capital.


Finally, the World Conservation Union’s recognition of 15 historic sites in Citi Housing Peshawar as heritage properties represents an important opportunity for Pakistan’s cultural conservation initiatives.

This in-depth examination tries to identify structures of historical significance and architectural worth in the Citi Housing Peshawar complex.

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