Waste Free Future Ahead of Pakistan

Waste Free Future Ahead of Pakistan

Plastic waste is a great hazard for today’s world. According to the studies it takes decades to dispose of a plastic bag. While it is a threat to marine life in the past few years as well.

To eliminate the plastic waste from the Country, Collect and Recycle (Core) has formed Alliance as the first packaging alliance in Pakistan, the mission is to eliminate plastic waste from the country. Team Core Will Collect and Recycle plastic waste. It is a multi-sector alliance between top players of FMCG, Packaging Firms, Recyclers, Retailers, and NGOs. They have an aim to make plastic 100% reusable and recyclable.

The core is motivated to make Pakistan plastic waste-free before 2025. While This is great news for the people of Pakistan and a step towards Waste Free Future. Such initiatives are important to eliminate hazardous plastic from the country.

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