Wapda Town Gujranwala

Wapda Town Gujranwala is a reliable housing built by Wapda Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme. It is a GDA-approved project developed to meet the housing needs of residents of Gujranwala City. Moreover, the society is a true reflection of the developed housing society in Gujranwala.

In addition, the Wapda Town Gujranwala offers high quality and luxurious living environments at budget-friendly rates. Investors have shown a lot of interest due to its outstanding features such as affordability, location, and famous developers.

Gujranwala is one of the most populous cities in Pakistan and it has high rate of industrial development in the last few years. Thousands of inhabitants move towards this city for better earnings. Moreover, many housing societies are already being developed there and all these housing ventures fulfill the modern desires of people in all possible ways.

Developers of Wapda Town Gujranwala

Wapda Town Gujranwala is the project of WAPDA Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme. Developers are famous for their state-of-the-artwork. Moreover, the developers are offering all the basic and modern amenities to its residents.  The high-end infrastructure of society makes it stand among other societies in Gujranwala.

The development of society is completed in 2008. Furthermore, ECHS is a well-known group established by WAPDA, which is one of the largest enterprises. The developers have been delivering top-notch projects across Pakistan since 1989. Moreover, they never made compromises on price and world-class quality.

Wapda Town Gujranwala NOC

The No Objection Certificate NOC of Wapda Town Gujranwala is approved by Gujranwala Development Authority (GDA). It’s a well-established housing society having all authorization forms and NOC. Moreover, Wapda possesses most of the consent documents. GDA also approve NOC for the supply of electricity and gas in Wapda Town. Some of the NOCs forms approval is under process and will be approved soon. Furthermore, the NOC approval enhances the worth of property and also grabs the attention of investors.

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Wapda Town Gujranwala Map & Location

Location is the essential factor that adds more value to the success and worth of any venture. The location of Wapda Town Gujranwala is ideal and easily accessible from various landmarks. Wapda Town Lahore is situated on National Highway N-5. Moreover, it is an attractive location for those who want to settle down and make investments there.

Location Map
Location Map

Wapda Town Gujranwala Directions

  • It lies Right next to the National Highway N-5
  • It lies approx. 11 min drive away from Nowshera Road
  • It lies approx. 6 min drive away from Sialkot Bypass, Gujranwala
  • Moreover, almost 10 min drive away from Eminabad Road Gujranwala
  • Nearly, 3 min drive away from Sheikhupura Road Gujranwala

Nearby Landmarks & Places

Following are the easily accessible landmarks from Wapda Town:

  • National Highway N-5
  • Mohafiz Town Gujranwala
  • Industrial Estate 2 Gujranwala
  • Muhamamd Nagar Gujranwala
  • Canal View Gujranwala
  • Jalil Town Gujranwala
  • Kamran Colony Gujranwala
  • Kot Momin Gujranwala

Master plan

The master plan of Wapda Town Gujranwala is deliberately planned by famous architects and planners. The society covers a very large area that usually consists of plain land. Additionally, the society offers several residential and commercial plots. The housing venture also offers well-developed houses for those who want to buy readymade houses.

Master Plan
Master Plan

Aside from that, the venture is home to many well-regarded educational institutions, such as the federal College and the Beacon House School Campus. Bank branches, well-known Wapda Town Gujranwala restaurant chains, multiple grocery shops, retail malls, a wedding venue, and the town’s hospital are just some of the amenities offering to its inhabitants.

Phases of Wapda Town Gujranwala

Furthermore, these plots would provide extremely golden investment opportunities to all the interested dealers, as the demand for houses in Wapda Town increases day by day. Besides that, the society is categorizing into different phases:

  • Wapda Town Gujranwala phase 1
  • Wapda Town Gujranwala phase 2
  • Wapda Town Gujranwala phase 3

Blocks in Wapda Town

The society consists of several blocks such as:

  • Wapda Town Gujranwala Block A
  • Wapda Town Gujranwala Block B
  • Wapda Town Gujranwala Block C
Blocks in Wapda Town Gujranwala
Blocks in Wapda Town Gujranwala

Residential Plots

A developer offers multiple Wapda Town Gujranwala plot for sale at affordable rates. The plot sizes offering in the society are:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Wapda Town Gujranwala Payment Plan

The Wapda Town Gujranwala plot prices are cost-effective for investors and the general public. Moreover, there are cheap plots for sale in this society, which are available for sale. The payment prices are as follows:

Payment Plan
Payment Plan

Facilities and Amenities

The amenities are a crucial part of any modern housing society that gives comfort living experience. The project offers all the basic and contemporary facilities at pocket-friendly rates. Moreover, the developers reserve a specific amount of land for building green parks, playgrounds, and jogging tracks.

The society is consider a most beautiful community, laced with all top-notch amenities and comfort. In addition, developers aim to create a healthy and comfortable living environment. For this purpose, a significant portion of land is devoted to central theme parks, where children and elders can spend their leisure time. Moreover, the facilities offering in the society are as follows:

Eco-friendly Environment

The society will offer a close-to-nature environment with all modern facilities. The natural close environment gives a unique experience that you cannot find anywhere in Pakistan.

Grand Mosque

The society is going to cater to all the needs of residents including religious needs as well. The developers also build a grand mosque in society with the latest machinery and technology. Moreover, the infrastructure of the mosque will be extraordinary.

Water Resource

The society also considers the water needs of inhabitants. Water reservoirs will build for this purpose to store a large amount of water for residents to use for daily chores. Moreover, filter plants will also be used in society to provide clean drinking water to residents.


A graveyard is an important part of any society. Because life and death are intrinsically linked, residents may choose to bury their deceased relatives and pray for their eternal success. They may also pay visits to loved ones’ graves within society.

Educational Institutes

To ensure the provision of high-quality education to children, the society will have multiple schools and colleges. Additionally, the teaching staff will be competent and well-trained in their respective fields.

Community Center

The developers also develop community centers to keep the residents socially active. Community centers will serve as a central hub for social life. Furthermore, they are welcome to engage in and enjoy social events.

Health Facilities

The developers achieve this goal by building cutting-edge international hospitals and clinics. The emergency room will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with personnel and physicians available at all times.

Secure Community

Wapda Town is an extremely safe society that never compromises its residents’ safety. Several cameras are installing throughout the city. Furthermore, security guards continue to patrol the town to ensure the residents’ safety.

High-Quality Road Infrastructure

Road infrastructure is developing with a high degree of professionalism to ensure perfect development. Moreover, the roads and streets of Wapda Town are quite wide and a large number of plants and flowers are creased up along them.


Wapda Town Gujranwala is one of the most successful housing developments of WAPDAs. WAPDA started this initiative to enable its workers in Gujranwala to create their own homes at a reasonable cost. Moreover, the housing scheme is located beside the Upper Chenab Canal on Canal View Road. The primary characteristics of the society are affordability, ideal location, luxurious amenities, and a competent lifestyle.

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