Urban Policy 2030 Approved By KP CM For Smart Cities Development

Peshawar: According to a January 19 news report, Mahmood Khan, the CM of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), approved the Urban Policy 2030 and its action plan, which will promote the growth of smart cities.

Sources also reveal this project will ensure that land is managed in the best way to satisfy metropolitan centers’ needs. CM Khan gave his approval to the proposed master plans for Wana, a tribal district in South Waziristan, Mardan City. Also, at the meeting Mirali in the tribal region of North Waziristan.

As per CM Khan, streamlining civic facilities across all industries is essential, and any neglect won’t be acceptable. The KP, he continued, was the first province to create an urban policy. Moreover, he instructed the relevant authorities to carry out the master plans in an efficient manner and to create a “pragmatic implementation system” within three months.

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Additionally, the Urban Policy 2030 will support the growth of smart cities with their consideration of gender, social, and environmental factors. City managers can design city management plans by the conditions and demands of their localities. The main policy components include affordable housing, land use and floor area planning, traffic and transportation ease, and municipal services. Also livability, tourism in cities, economic and real estate development, strategic city management planning, and institutional capacity building.

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It is important to highlight that Sub-National Governance Programme and Urban Policy and Planning Unit creates the policy after more than a year of consultation. According to the details, the policy will apply to all urban area development authorities. After every two years, their aims will evaluate until 2030.

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