Top 9 Construction Companies in Pakistan

Construction companies are the backbone for development in any country. The main duties of a Construction company are to construct\Develop houses, buildings, Highways, and even Societies. Although construction is a common word but it refers to so many variations and tactics when it comes to higher levels.

The first and most basic type of construction refers to renovating. Renovation does not require a large number of team members and could be started from scratch, all one needs is experience.

Then comes those companies which work in bigger teams and deal in projects, these sort of companies take full responsibility to deliver the project all by themselves within a given time frame. These projects can be of various types from a house to a housing society.

A good Construction company is the one that builds the projects with the best possible quality within minimum time. Delivering projects on time with high-end infrastructure is only possible when the employees of that company are working with all passion and giving their 100%. This is only possible when a company facilitates its employees in medical, Financial, and many other ways other than the promised wage\salary.

There are hundreds of Government and Private Construction companies working in Pakistan right now, today we will take a look at the top 9 Construction Companies in Pakistan.


NESPAK is an abbreviation of National Engineering Services Pakistan, The Company Ranks top the list of RBS’s Top 9 Construction Companies of Pakistan. The company came into existence in 1973, first structure of the company was Private Restricted Company but with the passage of time Company grew and built its reputation worldwide. At the moment the company has nearly 4500 workers. The Company is still growing day by day.

  1. Pakistan Engineering Services

Pakistan Engineering Services is comprised of a vast team including engineers, designers, and highly experienced architects. Pakistan Engineering Services are also known as PES was also founded in 1973 and enjoys a hard-earned reputation.

  1. Habib Construction Services

Habib Construction Services has also earned a strong reputation in delivering quality projects across the country. Habib Construction Services have delivered many highways, Flyovers, Bridges, Buildings, Power plants Dams, and airports.

  1. Atlas Ready-mix

Atlas Ready-mix is another reliable name in the field of construction and other than providing top-notch construction service, the company also provides the best quality concrete all over the country.

  1. FDHL

FDHL stands for Future Development Holdings, the company is a consortium of different companies under the company’s ordinance 1984. Future Development Holdings has a highly skilled and trained team of designers and consultants. FDHL is right now working on housing giants such as Capital Smart City and Lahore Smart City.

  1. Habib Rafiq (PVT) Limited

Habib Rafiq (PVT) Limited is also one of the top Construction companies in Pakistan. If we take a look at their delivered projects they have delivered motorways all across the country, Convention Centre Islamabad, DHA, and Multan International Airport. Right now HRL is developing The Capital Smart City and Lahore Smart City along with an International firm Surbana Jurong (SJ).

  1. M Engineering

S.M Engineering also known as SME is a different type of construction company as discussed above, SME has expertise in Electrical Connections, Development of Data Centers, and solutions for CCTV. The company was found in 2005 and have vast experience as well.

  1. Alwasay Ul Badi

Started as Alwasay Enterprises in 2007 as a sole proprietor, the company grew with time and now known as Alwasay Ul Badi. The company expertise in constructing housing, buildings, Apartments, and commercial outlets.

  1. Pakistan Engineering and Construction Company

Pakistan Engineering and Construction Company PECC is another top-rated construction company in Pakistan, some of the key roles of the company are its engineering services, Architectural services, Designing services, interior designing, and preconstruction planning.

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