Things You Must Know Before Investing in Trivelles Smart Villas

Did You Know about Trivelles Smart Villas?

Smart Villas is a futuristic project started in Capital Smart City. With a specific moto of Living Smart, it is a hallmark of providing ultimate convenience and luxury. Increasing the standard of lifestyle with latest technology is main aim of Trivelles Smart Villas.

1- What is Trivelles Smart Villas?

Trivelles Smart Villas is a modern gated-community. It is comprised of modern Villas. Basically, these are smart homes introduced for the first time in Pakistan. It a project of particularly residential units. Each of the villas in Smart Villas community has integrated setup that enables to control different things at home with least human effort.

2- What are Smart Homes?

Smart Homes is ideally based on modern technology that surely guarantees home automation. It especially lays foundation of Smart Cities. Using the technology at maximum, it enables the residence of the Smart homes to control things remotely. Least human effort is involved in it. All of the things controlled via Smartphones.

3- What is legal status of Trivelles Smart Villas?

Smart Villas approved from Capital Smart City management.

4- Where are Trivelles Smart Villas located?

These villas are located mainly in Capital Smart City. To be exact, it is present in Block D of Overseas-1.

5- What is main access of Trivelles Smart Villas?

Smart Villas are accessible from Lahore-Islamabad Motorway known as Motorway M2. The entrance gate of Capital Smart City is located on this route. Meanwhile, Trivelles Smart Villas gate present on Main Boulevard. Thus, through Main Boulevard you are easily connected to Motorway M2.

6- Is it only accessible from Motorway?

Smart Villas has various access routes. It is readily accessible from Motorway. However, you can also reach it through Chakri Road, Rawalpindi. After the completion of Rawalpindi Ring Road, it also serve as main access route with least time travel.

7- Who are the developers of Trivelles Smart Villas?

These tech-villas developed by Trivelles International.

8- What is reputation of Trivelles International?

Trivelles International is a UK-based firm. It has particularly maintained a high reputation in competitive market of UK as a property developer. With rich experience in Real Estate field, Trivelles International is expert in offering niche-customized projects with high quality finishes.

9- What size of villas available in Trivelles Smart Villas?

Trivelles Smart Villas offers villas in 2 sizes including 5 Marla and 10 Marla. Moreover, villas are available up to 3 different categories namely Abbey Villas, Regent Villas and Harley Villas.

10- Is every villas offers smart features?

Yes, every villa will equipped with specific smart features. Moreover, range of customized or optional smart features also available.

11- What are the standard smart features?

The standard features includes Smart Switch, Temperature & Humidty Sensor, Automated Door Lock, Gas Sensor, Smart Door & Windows Magic Box, Remote Access, CCTV indoor cameras, Smart Motion Sensors and CCTV outdoor cameras.

12- What are optional smart Features?

The optional smart features includes centralized cooling system, carbon mono-oxide sensor, water leak sensor, additional smoke sensor, additional indoor and outdoor cameras, additional door and windows sensors, automated curtain rail system and smart mirror.


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