The first lot of Smart Waste Disposal Equipment for Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City delivers what is promises. The first lot of Smart Waste Management System for Capital Smart City is ready to dispatch from Italy. Smart Waste Solution equipment purchased from ESA, Italy. It is particularly the largest Waste Management Company in Italy.

Purchased Items

In the initial purchase, 348 Garbage boxes along with two Garbage Collection trucks (IVECO) and Solar Powered Garbage compactors ordered. Each basket’s capacity is 3,000 liters and trucks can hold  specifically 21 Cubic Meter (10 tons) for compacted waste with an auto collection of waste, automatic transmission, and command-based operations.

Trucks are equipped with PLC and Trackers with cameras so the work will be monitored from the Control room. Smart technology leveraged to the full extent to improve the efficiency of the system and minimize manpower resources.

Inspection of products

Inspection of the material carried out on 15th October 2020 at ESA factory in Reggio Emilia, Italy by Capital Smart City team.

This sort of Smart Waste Management system never introduced in Pakistan neither by Government nor by any other private sector. It will certainly serve as a ground-breaking idea to

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