Studio Vs One-Bedroom Apartment

Pros and Cons

Have you ever wondered whether you should rent/buy a studio or a one-bedroom apartment? This article will provide an insight for you to make the right decision.

Let’s start by defining both apartments. A studio apartment is typically a one-room apartment, therefore, you have a combined living and sleeping space. However, even though it is one combined open space, the restroom will be separate. The size of a studio apartment can range from 400 to 600 square feet. On the other hand, a one-bedroom apartment is a two-room apartment that has a single bedroom and a separate living room. Additionally, it also has a kitchen, a living room and a separate restroom. Thus, the major difference between the two apartments is really the privacy of a one-bedroom apartment.

Pros of a studio apartment

  • Cost of rent

While hunting for apartments, if you look for both studio and one-bedroom apartments, you may find that the rental cost of a studio apartment is less than one-bedroom apartments. Therefore, they will better suit your budget.

  • Utility bills

As you are aware, studio apartments tend to occupy less square feet than one-bedroom apartments, therefore, they often require less electricity and gas to keep them cool in summers or warm in winters. This in turn, reduces the utility bills at the end of each month.

  • Easier to furnish

Since studio apartments are often smaller in comparison, it makes them easier to furnish and decorate. Therefore, it allows you to reduce your major furniture expenses.

Cons of a studio apartment

  • Less space

Studio apartments tend to be smaller as compared to one-bedroom apartments. Some often lack a full-size kitchen and instead include a kitchenette that might be too compact. Therefore, if you have many belongings or just like having a spacious apartment, a studio apartment may not be the right choice.

  • Lack of privacy

In a studio apartment, only the restroom is walled off while the kitchen, living room, and the bedroom have no permanent dividers. Therefore, if you are the kind of person who has guests stay over often, then you may struggle to achieve the element of privacy. In addition to this, if you are working from home, you may struggle to separate your workstation from your bedroom.

Pros of a one-bedroom apartment

  • Perfect for couples

A one-bedroom apartment has enough space to be in two separate rooms at the same time. Therefore, if you have had a long day at work and need some time by yourself, you can have the space you need.

  • More privacy

If you are living with a roommate, you have your ways of doing things and they have theirs. In this scenario, a one-bedroom apartment may appeal to you. Similarly, if you have guests coming to stay over, both of you can have some privacy.

  • Spacious

A one-bedroom apartment is ideal for you if you are just starting out renting places and looking to save money. Likewise, it will also give you an opportunity to express yourself and make your living area comfortable. Therefore, a one-bedroom apartment will give you enough space to decorate and create an ambiance.

Cons of a one-bedroom apartment

  • Higher rental cost

A one-bedroom apartment may cost more than a studio apartment. This increase in cost may also depend on other factors, but one-bedroom apartments typically cost more.

  • High maintenance

Another reason that can make a one-bedroom apartment less appealing than studio apartments is that there is more space for you to clean. If you are someone who is not home a lot, then buying a studio apartment would be a better decision.


When you are deciding between a one-bedroom apartment and a studio apartment, it often comes down to your own preference and lifestyle. If you are single and looking for a place to rent, in that case, a studio apartment may be the right choice for you. However, if you have a roommate or a significant other to share your apartment with, then you would need more space and privacy. Therefore, in this case, a one-bedroom apartment may be ideal for you.

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