Sports Exports Rises to $50.415 Million in Two Months

Sports Exports Rises to $50.415 Million in Two Months

The commodities of sports merchandise saw an expansion of 11.23 percent during the first two months. While against the products of the comparing time of a year ago. Sports Exports Rises to $50.415 Million in Two Months.

The nation sent out sports products worth $ 50.415 million during July-August (2021-22) against the exchange of $ 45.325 million during July-August (2020-21). Showing the development of 11.23 percent, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) announced.

During the months under audit, the product of footballs additionally expanded by 5.25 percent from $21.828 million last year to $22.973 million during the current year under survey. While the commodities of gloves anyway saw a decrease of 1.59 percent from $12.262 million to $12.067 million.

Likewise, the products of any remaining games great anyway saw an expansion of 36.85 percent by going up from $11.235 million to $15.357 million during the period under audit. In the meantime, on a year-on-year premise, the commodities of sports items during August 2021 rose by 25.63 percent to $24.060 million when contrasted with the products of $19.152 million during August 2020, the PBS information uncovered.

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