Sneak Peak by Sadoo Baba : From the Platform of RBS

Sneak Peak by Sadoo Baba is a brand new program started on YouTube by the RBS. This show is based on revealing the unseen in the ethnic environment of Capital Smart City. We make sure that we are offering you right thing.

Sneak Peak will give you an opportunity to get to know about novel and hidden things at Capital Smart City just before anybody else. In other words, before it is officially disclosed, get firsthand information about it.

About Imran Saddiq

Sneak Peak is solely hosted by Imran Saddiq, Regional Sales Manager of RBS. He is experienced in his own field with hands-on experience of 2 decades in Real Estate field. Moreover, he has flair for photography. He knows how to capture the beauty of nature in lens. Meanwhile, since the beginning of Capital Smart City, he is associated with this project. That is why Imran Saddiq is chosen as a host for it.

Aim of Sneak Peak by Sadoo Baba

This program is unique adventure in itself. It covers up all the up to date and latest news of Capital Smart City. From now onwards, Sneak Peak by Sadoo Baba will be only platform to particularly find out what is news in Capital Smart City.

Where to find Smart News

Catch up with latest news on our YouTube channel. Moreover, don’t forget to subscribe and press the notification bell.


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