Smart Waste Management in Capital Smart City

Smart Waste Management in Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City in collaboration with Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente (ESA) providing Smart Waste Management System in Capital Smart City. It is an integrated system especially for the collection of waste. The technology-oriented waste management system enables the right solution for every city.

How it is unique?

ESA adopts the waste collection system according to needs of environment. It provides solutions centered upon urban regeneration, encouragement of separate collection, and economic savings.

Furthermore, it envisaged ‘Sustainable Innovation”. The main aim is to reduce the overall cost of managing waste. Utmost priority is to drive every aspect with technology. Thus, ultimately it replaces several vehicles, manpower and other resources contributes in pollution.

How ESA suggest Waste Management Solutions?

ESA before proposing any waste management system, analyze the whole system. It offers all around solutions which carries consultancy, service, study and most appropriate waste management system. It basically involves three steps

  1. Inhabitants Population Density Acreage
  2. Type of Collected Waste
  3. Ways of Collecting Waste
  4. Propose ideal Waste Solution

Furthermore, it also offers integrated software. With the help of this multi database, you can certainly perform a range of operations including reporting, collection of waste and its treatment. Moreover, you can also observe the urban hygiene related activities as well.

What ESA Offers

It has introduced a range of different products in order to smartly manage waste in Capital Smart City. It includes

  • Garbage Bins
  • 2AS
  • MEC
  • Underground Solutions
  • Above-Ground Solutions
  • Pelican System
  • SmartBell System
  • Traditional Compactors
  • T-Recycle
  • Photovoltaic Compactors
  • Waste Collection Stations Go-Go

How ESA Waste Management Solution Works?

The Waste Management Solutions will manage whole waste in Capital Smart City. It will install Garbage Bins at distinct places through out the city. Each of these bins are equipped with Smart Sensors. Furthermore, after certain volume and weight, the garbage bins will automatically send a command to main panel.

The integrated software send a command to nearby garbage truck to empty the bins. These garbage trucks are operated by single person. The robotic crane on these trucks will empty bins without interference of any human.

Later on, these trucks will transfer the waste to Dump Area. It will further treated on Garbage Disposal and Sewerage Plant. In addition, the sensors on garbage bins also keep check on gases as well. these gases include Silver Dioxide, Nitrogen, Carbon Mono Oxide and Oxygen level.

About Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente (ESA)

Ecologia Soluzione Ambiente (ESA) came in to existence on 1966. It is a company that chiefly believes in innovation and modernism. It started its journey as Waste Water Treatment. However, comparatively in very short time span, it is evolved in to five-unit institution namely Waste, Depuration, Services Plus, Demil and Reclamation.

In particularly, ESA has the vision of making this world a better and healthy place to live in. hard work, research, analysis, and improvement all of these combined to bring ESA as finest solution for waste management around the globe.

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