Smart Features of Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad is an innovative venture. Smart features of Capital Smart City enables futuristic sustainable development. Particularly, this project is based upon comprehensive urban management model.

Capital Smart City Islamabad is proudly vanguard of reshaping the real estate industry of Pakistan. It determines to become hallmark of region’s economic, commercial, health, educational, tourism and recreational center.

To ensure reliability and efficiency for citizens, it’s using bleeding-edge technology in full head of steam. The salient smart features of Capital Smart City Islamabad discussed below

Smart Security

Capital Smart City is going to become coveted place for residence in twin cities. Mainly because of high security and surveillance. CCTV with facial and object recognition will operate 24/7. These CCTVs  installed along road sides, parks, mosques, recreational centers and every single place. This system developed for ultimate surveillance and intrusion detection.

Cell Tower monitoring will also installed. Data center monitoring, ATM Monitoring and Warehouse Monitoring are other smart security features of this society. You will also have access to monitor your place remotely via smart surveillance techniques.

Smart Building

Being a smart city, all the edifices and infrastructure entitled to be “Smart Building”. As said earlier, efficient monitoring system will be installed in edifices. Other than that, it will also have HVAC Control system to maintain the temperature and ventilation of buildings.

In addition, Firefighting and alarm system will enable the individuals to escape. Further, efficient exits already planned in case of any emergency.

Smart Transportation

Smooth flow of traffic is the foremost priority of any developer. For that comprehensive layout is planned. Smart Transportation with automated traffic controls will help to elevate bottleneck on roads.

Fleet Tracking will be used to monitor and collect data of vehicles. Basically Fleet Tracking work on GPS. Basically, it will be a vehicle tracking. Needless to say Location Tagging aims to guide passengers and drivers to reach their destinations.

Smart Resource Management

Capital Smart City is 8-grade development. Despite of huge shortage of electricity, it is offering load-shedding free environment 24/7 to its residents. Solar farm along with windmill setup to meet the huge demand of electricity. Furthermore, Smart Grid and metering will be installed as well for resourceful energy management.

Smart Housing

All the finest yet innovative facilities and amenities of global standard keenly concentrated in housing precinct. It’s not just another residential scheme that offers shelter. But a project that gives you opportunity to live smarter.

It is pioneer of introducing Avant-Grade Smart homes in Pakistan namely “Smart Villas”. Complete details of these Smart Villas are available here.

Smart Economy

Further, once being operational, this project will prove to be one of the main hubs of economic activities in the region. Presently, its believed to become first commercial center in the area. Modern commercial centers are expected to create 90,000 job opportunities.

The Master Plan of Capital Smart City designed in way that big commercial hubs have their own districts. Meanwhile, mini commercial centers are also present in residential sectors.

Smart Environment

Site of Capital Smart City enriched in terms of Natural Scenic Beauty and Topography. 30% of total area already reserved for natural assets. Meanwhile, developers also maximized their efforts in order to avoid the risk of damaging natural scenery.

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