Simly Dam Road rehabilitation to commence soon at Islamabad

In a recent announcement reported in national dailies on July 2, the authorities in Islamabad have revealed a comprehensive plan to undertake the rehabilitation and maintenance work on the damaged section of Simly Dam Road. The estimated cost of this project is PKR 74.954 million. The contractor must commence the construction work after Eid and complete the project within the specified timeframe.

Importance of Simly Dam Road

Simly Dam Road is a vital route that accommodates approximately 50,000 vehicles daily. However, the road currently faces challenges due to the damaged section, hindering its functionality and causing inconvenience to commuters. To ensure the road’s proper functioning, several improvements are necessary, including the installation of proper underground water drainage pipes, widening, and doubling.

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Challenges and Solutions

Expanding the road’s right of way poses challenges due to the presence of existing structures. The acquisition of land for widening would require significant financial compensation for the affected properties and landowners. The authorities are aware of these challenges and are considering various options to address them. One option is to acquire land and pay substantial compensation to expand the road by 100 feet. As proposed by a government commission in the revised Islamabad Master Plan of 2020. Another option under consideration is to impose a construction ban within a 50-foot radius of these routes. This would help alleviate traffic congestion caused by the increasing number of housing societies and construction projects in the area.

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Tendering Process and Timeline for Simly Dam Road

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has already tendered the rehabilitation of Simly Dam Road. The CDA invited approved contractors on a percentage basis from Category C-4 or above, with Project Code CE-01 for the year 2022-23, to submit sealed tenders. The estimated cost of the rehabilitation and maintenance work is Rs. 74,954,836, and interested parties are required to provide an earnest money deposit of Rs. 1,499,097. The CDA and PPRA websites have detailed terms and conditions available, and the office of Deputy Director Road Division-III, CDA, will provide tender documents to interested parties upon payment of Rs. 5,000 per set. The tender documents can be submitted until 25.04.2023, and the opening of sealed tenders is scheduled for 28.04.2023.


The rehabilitation and maintenance work on the damaged section of Simly Dam Road is a crucial project to enhance the functionality of this vital route in Islamabad. By addressing the challenges associated with widening and acquiring land, the authorities aim to improve the road’s capacity, ensuring smoother traffic flow and minimizing congestion. The project’s estimated cost of PKR 74.954 million signifies the significance of this undertaking. Upon completion of the project within the specified timeframe, a more efficient and well-maintained Simly Dam Road will benefit commuters.

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