Hilton Garden Inn is launching a hotel in Islamabad at Grand Orchard, DHA 1

Premier Choice International, a reputable real estate developer specializing in DHA Islamabad-Rawalpindi and Bahria Town, has entered into a contract with Hilton Garden Inn to expand Hilton’s hotel services in Pakistan. This strategic partnership will see Premier Choice International introducing Hilton Garden Inn, a well-established hotel brand, in their latest development project, Grand Orchard.

Grand Orchard, located at the entrance of Defense Housing Authority Phase 1 in Islamabad, is a unique undertaking. They aim to become a prominent commercial, residential, and hospitality landmark in the country.

Premier Choice International and Hilton formalized the agreement during the Arabian Travel Market 2023 exhibition held at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Signing on behalf of Premier Choice International was its CEO, Amran Zia. Meanwhile Hilton was represented by Carlos Khneisser, the VP of Development MENA.

Premier Choice International and Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn is recognized globally for its excellence in hospitality. With operations spanning over 50 countries and boasting a portfolio of 900+ hotels worldwide. The Pakistan-based Hilton Garden Inn in Grand Orchard will consist of 120 well-appointed guest rooms featuring top-notch amenities. Furthermore, its strategic location will offer easy access to key attractions in the area. The will include the upcoming mall within Grand Orchard and other popular destinations in the capital city.

Amran Zia, CEO of Premier Choice International, commended Hilton’s confidence in their organization to manage Hilton Garden Inn in Pakistan. During the event, Mr. Zia expressed his belief that Hilton Garden Inn will emerge as one of the country’s finest hotels. He also believed it will revolutionize the hospitality sector in the city. This partnership aligns with Premier Choice International’s vision of continually enhancing the real estate market in Pakistan by introducing

  • internationally acclaimed living,
  • shopping, and
  • Dining destinations.

Premier Choice International has a proven track record. It has delivered over 25 projects encompassing more than 5 million square feet across three countries. Their portfolio includes iconic developments in Northern Pakistan. Furthermore, their endeavors have not only benefited their 3,500+ clients but have also made positive contributions to the communities in which they operate.

Expanding Opportunities and Elevating Hospitality in Pakistan

Premier Choice International’s collaboration with Hilton Garden Inn marks a significant milestone in the Pakistani hospitality industry. With Hilton’s extensive experience and Premier Choice International’s commitment to delivering exceptional projects, this partnership aims to elevate the standards of hotel services in Pakistan.

Grand Orchard: A Visionary Development

Located at the entrance of Defense Housing Authority Phase 1 in Islamabad, Grand Orchard stands poised to establish itself as a renowned

  • commercial,
  • residential, and
  • Hospitality hub.

Furthermore, its strategic location, combined with Premier Choice International’s expertise, promises to offer a unique and vibrant environment for residents, visitors, and businesses alike.

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Hilton Garden Inn: An Iconic Brand

As a part of the esteemed Hilton portfolio, Hilton Garden Inn is known for its commitment to providing unparalleled service and world-class amenities. The upcoming Hilton Garden Inn in Grand Orchard will continue this tradition. It will be offering guests a luxurious and comfortable experience with easy access to key attractions in Islamabad.

Premier Choice International Driving Economic Growth and Community Development

Premier Choice International’s ongoing commitment to creating value extends beyond their clients. Through their projects, they actively contribute to the growth and development of the communities they operate in. The partnership between Premier Choice International and Hilton Garden Inn in Grand Orchard is expected to generate employment opportunities and stimulate economic growth in the region.

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Premier Choice International’s partnership with Hilton Garden Inn signifies a remarkable step towards enhancing the hospitality landscape in Pakistan. Premier Choice International and Hilton Garden Inn join forces to enhance hospitality in Pakistan. They do this by creating a world-class hotel experience at Grand Orchard, setting new standards for the sector.

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