Right time to invest in Capital Smart City is here

Capital Smart City is a well-planned city. Situated near New Islamabad International Airport, it has valid reasons to be called best investment opportunity not only in Twin Cities but whole Pakistan. Moreover, it is alluring individuals from the overseas as well.

If you are confused that whether is it right time to invest in Capital Smart City or not, then this blog will help you in making a wise decision. A decision that clearly says “Invest in this Project Right Now”.

No Question for Source of Income

Prime Minister Imran Khan on April 3, 2020 has announced historical amnesty scheme for construction sector. Stimulus package announced that gives various incentives to investors as well as other somehow linked to construction industry.

Of all others, the salient one is that for year 2020, you will not be questioned about the source of income while investing in Capital Smart City. Previously, as per Amnesty Scheme 19-20, it was made mandatory to show your income source while investing in Real Estate.

Thus, it is a golden opportunity to get high Return on Investment (ROI) with investment in this project.

Construction Industry is more regularized than before

Capital Smart City is a legal housing society. It has approved NOC from RDA. Moreover, it also has all other required legal permission from concerned departments.

Meanwhile, as per PM Imran Khan there will be an entirely legal Construction Industry Development Board. It will look keep check and balance on every single venture. Thus, there is least chance that you will invest in a dud.

In addition, there is exemption from many kinds of taxes including

  • Capital Gain Tax
  • Stamp Duty Tax
  • Withholding Tax

As per PM Imran Khan’s speech, these incentives offered particularly to boost up economy of the country.  Meanwhile, Real Estate Industry of Pakistan offers more than 2% of GST on country. Thus, it is necessary to give relief to this sector.

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